New Comics for 07/23/08 are California bound!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week I’m probably most looking forward to the final issue of this first Dan Dare mini-series. It’s by far one of my favorite books of the year. I’m also interested in the Robin “RIP” tie-in and Two-Face: Year One (I just love Year One books!). I’m also looking forward to dropping Uncanny X-Men and The Immortal Iron Fist. I’m on the fence about War Heroes. That might be a wait for the trade.

This week Ron has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s your favorite way to beat the summer time heat?


  1. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Scud: The Disposable Assassin – The Whole Shebang is finally out!

    BQ: Sleeping 

  2. I can’t wait for scud, Maintance trade, and I think the Tori Amos Antholagy book Comic book Tattoo



    Seeing Batman again in AC 

  3. I’m buying Robin for the first time in a while… I didn’t care for it too much when Dixon re-hopped on… But… we’ll see how this RIP tie-in goes… But for looking forward to’s, I’m really excited about another issue of Superman. Let’s see what Robinson can do…

    BQ: Staying inside and doing something lazy like watching TV or DVDs or something…

  4. Not a whole lot i’m excited for this week but I AM excited that Rick Remender is going to be the new writer on Booster Gold!!!!

  5. a very light week with not a lot out. probably looking forward to robin although the 1st issue of detective that tied into rip was terrible. new avengers has been the best secret invasioin tie-in so that may be good.

    Apart from that im not in a hurry to read any of my books or get down to the lcs, in fact I may drop some titles this week.

    BQ: I Live in engalnd – it rains a lot!!!

  6. Lots of books, but not much to get worked up about. I’m interested to see where Iron Fist is going
     and I’m excited to see Black Summer back on my pull list. Seems like forever since that book came out last.

  7. Light week for me, and looking forward to them all equally: Robin #175, Joker’s Asylum Scarecrow, Two-Face Year One and DMZ #33 (this story has been SO good).

    BQ: I’m with Sammy on this one, if we had any summer heat I might have to devise a way to avoid it, but of course as soon as we Brits get any sun we go out of our way NOT to avoid it, then end up the shade of lobsters 2 days later. On a decent day, though, sitting on a shaded porch and reading comics is a good time.

  8. Looking forward to Dan Dare #7 and sad it’s the last. What’s the probability Ron will pick X#500 as potw?

    BQ: I’m too busy trying to stay alive in the Texas heat and to attempt to beat it is impossible.

  9. Lots of things I’m excited for this week — Uncanny Xmen 500, Two Face Year One, Christos Gage taking over as the regular Thunderbolts writer, and the continuation of stories I’ve liked on Daredevil and Superman.  Plus, Wolverine First Class is always good times.

    BQ: There’s no beating it.  You have to join it.  Or else hide in the AC.

  10. Robin 175 and Two Face Year One.

    BQ:Hide in the AC. 

  11. Liberty comics is coming out, which apparently has a Criminal story in it, as well as something featuring The Boys. It looks like it might be good.

    here’s the info if you haven’t heard of this


    The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Image Comics defend your freedom of speech with LIBERTY COMICS, an all-new 32-page, full color comic book crammed cover-to-cover with work by many of today’s top creative talents. This mature readers anthology is printed in a high quality format and features all-new stories of THE BOYS and CRIMINAL as well as all-new creations from some of your favorite artists. All proceeds benefit the CBLDF and their efforts to protect your creative rights!

  12. Only three books, wow. Daredevil is all I’m really excited about this week.

    + Drink a lot of water 

  13. This week, I have ten books, which is pretty ok. Not too mnay, not too few, it’s baby bear, just right. As far as what I’m looking forward to/ AMBUSH BUG! This week, there is that book, and then there is everything else.


    I would be really looking forward to Avengers, but we all know the Avengers won’t actually be in the book, so I’m really just buying it to keep my run going. 

  14. BQ: i beat the summer heat by cranking up the central air and reading my comics!

  15. Most looking forward to: Green Lantern Corps and Daredevil.

    Saying goodbye to: Avengers Initiative and New Warriors.

    Honorable mention: Trinity

    Hope in the form of: Robin

    BQ: Any day there’s a heat advisory there’s a discount on movie tickets. Do I dare see Dark Knight a fourth time?


  16. Avengers Initiative #15

    Dan Dare #7 (OF 7)

    New Avengers #43

    Skrulls One-Shot

    Star Wars Legacy #26

    Uncanny X-Men #500

    War Heroes #1


    BQ: Cold Beer. Yuengling and Land Shark Lager are both quite refreshing.

  17. BQ: showers, ice water, and limited movement.

  18. Proof #10

    and Youngblood #4 (Joe Casey is really making this great)

  19. Daredevil #109 – Really enjoying the Brubaker and Rucka reunion.  Maybe I’ll re-read some Gotham Central before my second viewing of TDK?

    Proof #10 – Each issue keeps getting better and better.  Loved last issue’s GQ for Sasquatch’s.

    Black Summer #7 – I have no idea whats going on in this book anymore.  But I am excited to see how it ends, this is the last issue isn’t it?  Hope so, need to start trimming down the pull list.

    War Heroes #1 – Just as one series leaves the list, another pops on.  Funny how that works.  Not all too familiar with Millar, other than Wanted, and Kick Ass, but I did just pick up the first three issues of 1985 and thought they were pretty fun.  So we’ll see.

    BQ: Lemonade and an expensive electric bill.

  20. Looking foward to a lot this week, particuarly the Liberty Comics anthology issue that’s coming out.  Also, interested in Two Face: Year One, while anticipating my regular pulls.  Interestingly, I’m kind of looking foward to SCUD, but with the price and having never read it, I’m having doubts.  Anyone want to convince me otherwise?

    BQ: Popsicles and ice cream 

  21. I am debating on Two Face Year One. I also have conflicted feelings on Black Summer. I was enjoying this series until it veered off the path and now I don’t care for it as much. I feel like I should buy the last issue though just so I can judge the whole story. Now if I can only remember what happened in the previous issue.

  22. Lite week for me as well…probably most curious about Glamourpuss #2  ……will Ron pick it again for POW? …probably not, but would be fun to see Conor and Josh’s eyes roll again…

    BQ: Poolside, Baby…but I second the vote on the beer…. 

  23. Nothing big this week for me…

    I couldn’t do it last week, but I am definitely cutting at least half my subs and moving to trades and hardcovers.  Tired of buying things twice.

    BQ: XBOX Live in the AC.

  24. Libery Comics looks sweet, thanks for the heads up NealAppeal!

    Others I’m most lookin’ forward to —


    Green Lantern Corps (this book rules)

    I’m a little worried Black Summer will lose me … a complicated plot plus delays, usually equals head scratching for me.

    BQ – Watch the Batman Animated movie – Sub Zero, while in a tub full of ice, inside a meat locker, eating ice cream. Usually works for me.

  25. Invincible? I thought he was Immortal?


    BQ: MOVIE THEATER. Sweet A/C and watching Dark Knight for the hundredth time. 

  26. this is a dense week for me, most excited for X-men finally having a direction again and the Avengers though i really hope we’re done with the flashbacks by now.


    BQ: I put a couple t shirts in the freezer.  When you don’t have a/c it’s the next best thing. 

  27. Invincible #51

    Two-Face: Year One

    SCUD in one volume finally!!!  Now how long do I have to wait to get Dan Dare collected in a trade?!

    BQ: Cold Beer + Son’s kiddie pool = heat defeated.

  28. Robin #175, Superman #678, Two- Face: Year One #1, Invincible #51 just to name a few.  Weeks like this make me wish I stayed in college.

    BQ- Chill in my house drinking a White Russian while listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival and reading Paul Dini’s Dectective Comics and Geoff Johns’ Action Comics.




  29. UXM 500, Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow, and Two-Face: Year One.

     BQ: Beer and large bodies of water.

  30. Avengers Initiative #15
    Black Panther #38
    New Avengers #43
    New Warriors #14
    She-Hulk 2 #31
    Skrulls One-Shot
    Thunderbolts #122
    Uncanny X-Men #500
    X-Men Legacy #214

    A decent haul, overall. New Warriors is on the chopping block, so it needs to hurry up and get good again. Thunderbolts is stringing me along like a date who refuses to have sex, but is willing to give blowjobs. 


    BQ: Doing Ecstacy in a jacuzzi with the girlfriend. 


  31. I can’t wait to read Robin #175… I’m dropping Trinity, thus allowing me to add four different titles a month. 

  32. Bonus Question: Miller Lite in one hand and my lady in the other! 

  33. robin 175

    new avengers 42

    war heroes 1

    justice league 21

    bq: Live in Australia’s coldest capital city, it sometimes gets to minus one here, now that’s old, huh