New Comics for 06/04/08 are shocked to find it’s already June!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

Last week was a big week, not only in number of books but also in terms of big issues and quality issues. This week, there is not as much of a let up as I wold have liked. Secret Invasion #3 hits and based off of the cliff-hanger from the last issue, this might be the issue where things actually start to happen! On the DC side, the newest weekly series starts with Trinity #1 and I’m really excited for that. It’s a shame that Countdown put so many people off the concept of a weekly book when 52 showed that it is indeed possible to do a weekly book well. (Besides, I’m not sure how you can blame the format — I didn’t stop buying single issue monthly books because The Flash is so terrible.) I don’t always love everything he writes, but I trust Kurt Busiek on this one.

Something else I’m really looking forward to is the Robin/Spoi— HOLY CRAP!  A NEW INVINCIBLE TRADE!

Bonus Question: What should I have for dinner?  I need some ideas.


  1. Holy cow, this is the largest week for me ever…eight books. Definitely ready for another Kick Ass and Secret Invasion. And also the always-good Buffy.

    BQ: Quiznos Chicken Carbonara

  2. I was off Countdown by #26. I’m back on for this one. Hope it works out.

    Try a whole chicken on the BBQ with one of those beer can holders. Basically the chicken sits upright with the can of beer holding it up inside with a special holder. Tastes great! I have subbed the beer for sherry and lots of garlic and rosemary these days. A nice alternative to BBQ steak.

  3. agh this is a good week i have like 12 books so im thinking im very very excited!!


    bq: go for some….salad? idk. im having steaks marinated in my dads secret sauce. go for something you can grill since its such a beautiful day. and wash that down with a beer or your choice of nice alcholohic beverage 

  4. a slow week is good, haven’t finished my stuff from last week yet. down with SI and i’m givin Trinity a shot because i like weekly format.

    BQ: Eat my shorts, man! 

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Intrigued by Trinity.  Just wish it wasn’t Bagley.  Makes sense for a weekly book though.  

    And we’ve got JSA and Criminal as well.  Buffy too!  Not a bad week at all.   

  6. This is a rather good week, though I’m not picking up as many books as last week.  last week was crazy.

     BQ: Um… I’m having poverty for dinner tonight, but I doubt you’re going to want that.  Thanks a lot, Morrison, you literary genius b–tard!  I can’t eat your All-Star goodness, you know!

  7. Should be another strong week.  I’m still giving Secret Invasion the benefit of the doubt, and I’m giving Trinity a shot for some reason — I’m excited/nervous about the Buffy cliffhanger, and I have to remember to go reread the last two issues of ‘Criminal’ so I can have some idea what’s going on this time around.

    BQ: If you don’t have the energy to decide, probably go with  whatever’s in your fridge.  Or whatever you can get someone to bring you. 

  8. Slow week with only Invincible Iron Man, Kick Ass and Transformers Starscream’s Reign which is good after I went broke buying all my books last week. Looking forward to Kick Ass the most.

    BQ: Chipotle carnitas burrito 

  9. You know the more I think about it the more excited I am for a Busiek written Trinity.  I actually missed the weekly book after I dropped Countdown (with about 36 to go I think).  So I’ll  be happy to pick that one up.

     Also, the next Fables trade!!! Awesome!!!! Now where the hell is the last Y:the last man or the next Walking Dead?

    BQ: So many nights I ask myself that same question…I might get some chinese, but then I live in China town, so it’s real easy.

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    BQ:  Poptarts?  What about a shrimp basket?  Those are often good.  

  11. Looks like its going to be a good week..

    Criminal, JSA, Trinity and Secret Invasion.. 

    Um, a couple of Hot Dogs from Gray’s Papaya or maybe a steak? What about sushi? I’ve been craving that as of late.. 

  12. @ rayclark

    You don’t make friends with salad.

  13. You don’t make friends with salad.  You don’t make friends with salad.  You don’t make friends with salad.  You don’t make friends with salad.  *starts conga line right in the middle of the library*

  14. BQ- You want Spaghetti-o’s with the little hot dogs in them.  What do I win? 

  15. Really, really excited for Criminal this week.  Like in an unhealthy kind of way.  Also looking forward to the first trade of Proof (all trades should be $9.99) and Detective Comics.

    I’d love to hop on the Trinity bandwagon, but I just can’t afford a weekly book, especially with the wedding savings account needing whatever funds possible.

    BQ:  Chocolate covered bacon.  Just what the doctor ordered.

  16. Secret Invasion,




    Wolverine Dangerous Game

    BQ: A # 10 with a Cherry coke and a bag of Salt and Vinegar Potato chips from Jimmy John’s. It’s ur mouth water…I know mine is.

  17. Wow only 10 books this week. Actually looking forward to Rann/Thangaar holy war really enjoyed issue 1. Although most Excited about JSA. I am so man crushing on GJ its crazy!

    BQ: Go for a nice Chicken breast stuffed with mozarella and bacon. Its what i had.

  18. Good week. Excited for Secret Invasion and Kick Ass. I don’t know what kind of jaded (har har) tea the iFanboys are sipping these days, but I am loving both series. Fun comics.

    Pull list:

    All New Atom #24
    Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #15
    Justice Society Of America #16
    Kick Ass #3
    Manhunter #31
    Nightwing #145
    Rann Thanagar Holy War #2
    Red Sonja #34
    Robin Spoiler Special #1
    Secret Invasion #3
    Supergirl #30
    Trinity #1

    BONUS: For dinner we are having a vegetable ragout w/ asiago and chicken confit w/ arugula and preserved lemon.

  19. Honestly, I think I’m mostly excited for the return of Manhunter with Gaydos on art!

    But it’s a good week overall. Criminal, Buffy, Secret Invasion… some good stuff. And a new Fables TPB! Yay!

    BQ: There’s a lot of bacon in this thread. I’m gonna say, keep it light. Fish. Maybe seared Ahi, in a salad or over rice?  Always good. 


  20. I am so ready for this new Fables trade. I’ve been waiting maybe a year for it and from what I hear it’s good stuff.

  21. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    New Fables TPB and Secret Invasion top my list.

    BQ: You should have steak tips and mac ‘n cheese. You’ll thank me later. 

  22. Looking forward to JSA and Trinity the most…intrigued by where Secret Invasion will go… I too am still recovering from last week…

    BQ: Grill Nite: Portabello mushrooms marinated in Dale’s Steak Sauce (Not sure you Yankees get that up north?), grilled corn-on-the-cob (you soak it in water and bathe it in garlic butter and grill it in the husk..awesome!), and slather (!) a potato in olive oil and sea salt…wrap in aluminum foil and grill…eat the skin and all…yum! And if any of you iFanboys ever do Tennessee-Time, look me up. The Doctor is in and he loves to cook!

  23. I can’t wait for Rick Remender‘s Wolverine Dangerous Game.  I didn’t even know this was coming out, and I was so pumped when I clicked throught to the description and saw his name on it.  Love Remender.  Love Wolverine.

    BQ: Five dollar. Five dollar. Five-dollar foot-looonnggg.

  24. Is Thursday the new Wednesday?

  25. Good week. Eleven books… Most excited for some JSA, Criminal, and Buffy. Heck la.

    BQ: Tempura. That sounds really good right now… Also: sandwich.

  26. JSA and Criminal top my list. And Jonah Hex is always fun.


  27. Oh no, Trinity? Already? But… I needed more time to think about it. I’m not ready!

    Aehhh I’ll buy it. I’m not made of stone.

    I like Buffy, and I like Secret Invasion, but I’ve been hearing about Ultimate Origins for a long, long, long time. Good week no matter how you slice it.

    BQ: I dunno about you, but I could go for some pad thai right about now.

  28. All quality stuff this week.  Most looking forward to Secret Invasion.  Trinity is on a shortly leash.


    BQ:  I made a southwest style, over roasted steak with baked bean and it was pretty amazing.  I’d go with that.

  29. Midtown’s website (where I buy my books) doesn’t show Kick-Ass #3 coming out this week. Does anyone have any insight on that?

  30. Trinity, Secret Invasion, Criminal, Ultimate Origin, JSA – is it last week again? Some really great books coming out this week, along with that Invincible trade that stopped Conor in his tracks. Solid week for sure.

    BQ: I threw a few burgers on the grill for the Mrs. and myself and they sure hit the spot. Why not some good, old-fashioned ground beef.

  31. @LanceTX – All indications say it’s a-coming.

  32. hmmm…strange

  33. Most looking forward to: Secret Invasion, Buffy, Criminal, and Kick-Ass.

    On the edge with The Boys, and glad the Abe Sapien solo story is coming to an end.


    BQ: I don’t know, I’m not even sure what I’M eating for dinner. 

  34. After the last couple of weeks there’s more books this time then I’d have liked (for wallet purposes only), but what you gonna do? Buffy, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Noble Causes and Kick-Ass (is it just me or does it feel like aaaaages since the last issue came out?).

    As tempting as it is, I’m NOT picking up Trinity, as with the RIP crossovers I’m already on for a ton of Batbooks. Really looking forward to Nightwing and Buffy, but most excited about Kick-Ass. I hope Matthew Vaughan does that movie justice.

    BQ: Depends on how much time and budget you have. Ideally I’d recommend a roast dinner, preferably lamb or beef, with Yorkshire pudding and onion gravy. Otherwise just get take-out pizza dude. Yes, it’s lazy but it always hits the spot!

  35. Kick Ass has got me intrigued, don’t know where we’re going, but I know we’re half way there.    Invincible Iron Man as well, my first try at following an Iron Man book, and I think it’s going to be a good one. 

     BQ: Feels like an Arby’s night.

  36. Okay, screw it – I’m going to give MANHUNTER a shot this week.  I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about it and I like Marc Andreyko and with this issue Michael Gaydos is the new artist so here I come.

  37. Most lookin’ forward to – Criminal, Kick-Ass & Trinity.

    Dropping – Secret Invaion, Rann Thanagar Holy War & House Of Mystery … if buying one issue of something counts enough to say I’m "dropping" the book … ?

    BQ – Whatever it is — remember to always add beer.

  38. It was very likely chicken or beef, I imagine.

  39. @Conor, nice!

    I actually looked at Manhunter as well and said to myself "wow that’s still going?" Interested in your opinion I am.

  40. Kick Ass #3
    Secret Invasion #3
    Trinity #1

    and 2000AD of course.

    Conor’s POW is Trinity #1 and I claim my prize! (an I-Phone 2.0 please).




  41. Amazing Spider-Man #561 Detective Comics #845 Invincible Iron Man #2 Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8) Thor Search For Odin (Pp ) #816 Trinity #1 Ultimate Origins #1 (OF 5)
    I think the comic iam looking forword to is ultimate Origins.Also Is Thor search for Odin the the continuing form that Thor one shot form MF? If not then i am going to go with Rodin Spoiler.


    BQ: KFC

  42. Because you’re all dying to know – I ended up going with a light cheese ravioli and a salad.

  43. Conor for a second I thought you meant Manhunter the movie, and I was like, "Yea, give it a shot, that was a good movie."  Always read through.

     BQ: Mexican

  44. Amazing Spider-Man #561

    Avengers Invaders #2 (OF 12)

    Criminal 2 #3

    Dark Tower Long Road Home #4 (OF 5)

    Detective Comics #845

    Haunt Of Horror Lovecraft #1 (OF 3)

    House Of Mystery #2

    Kick Ass #3

    Nova #14

    Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8)

    Tales From Wonderland Mad Hatter #1

    Thor Search For Odin (Pp ) #816

    Ultimate Origins #1 (OF 5)


    BQ: Corned Beef and Cabbage….with mustard. 

  45. Secret Invasion, Trinity(I’ll give it a try)

     Spawn #179. WW1 Spawn drawn by Mike Mayhew, should be great

  46. Another big week for me (8 books)…it’s pretty rare for me to pick up at least 7 books two weeks in a row. Hopefully Secret Invasion will pick up the pace a bit. Also looking forward to Criminal, JSA, Nova, and the conclusion of the Slott/Martin arc on Amazing Spider-Man. I’m passing on Trinity simply due to financial and space considerations. I just don’t think my wallet and closet space can handle a weekly book right now.

  47. MMmmm…it’s a tasty, tasty light week: 

    Avengers Invaders #2 (OF 12)
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer #15
    Invincible Iron Man #2
    Secret Invasion #3 (OF 8)
    Young X-Men #3


    BQ: Go with a light cheese ravioli and a salad! Oh, wait…