New comics for 04/23/08 have con fatigue!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern.

This week I have the Pick of the Week!

This week the one book I was looking forward to the most was Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition – Vol. 2, but actually Oni Press was selling it at their booth at NYCC, so I already have it. After that I am most looking forward to/dreading Checkmate #25. It must be a Greg Rucka kind of week!

Bonus Question: What was the best part of your weekend?

For me, the best part of my weekend was getting to meet and hang out with and talk with so many members of the iFanbase, both at the convention and at our party. Even the ones whose drink I spilled.


  1. Small week, which is nice… I’m really looking forward to Mighty Avengers and Ultimate Spider-man… But most of all it probably has to go Checkmate #25… I can’t wait to see where Rucka ends this… Sad times this week being the last week of Checkmate for me… (I’d rather not play Checkmate Roulette with Bruce Jones)

    BQ: Strangely enough, it was church… The comradery was awesome and it was with tons of people I don’t get to normally hang out with… It was so much fun….

  2. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Q&C Def. Ed. vol. 2 is also what I’m looking forward to the most.

    BQ: Sleep and baseball. Go Red Sox! 

  3. Looking forward to a few comics this week…

    Batman # 675  – I think things are about to get VERY interesting.

    Countdown to Final Crisis #1:  This has to be good… right???

    Superman Batman # 47 – This run with Michael Green (Heroes) & Shane Davis has had me gushing from the start!

    Death of the New Gods #8 – This is it!  It all comes down to this issue, and something tells me Darkseid is about to hand out some ass kickin.

    BQ: Since I couldn’t be at NYCC, I guess the highlight of my weekend was seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Saturday.  Funny flick, hot chicks, but way too much of Jason Segel’s wang!!

  4. Wow, small week! I guess I’m most anticipating Might Avengers and the last issue of Checkmate (I refuse to acknowledge that this book will continue without Rucka).

    BQ: When you have a big, crazy weekend, sometimes the best part is when there’s nothing big and crazy left. For me it was probably collapsing on Sunday evening and watching the episode of BSG that I had recorded on Friday. Nice. Mellow. Relaxing. 


  5. Wow, my resolve not to buy any secret Invasion tie-ins lasted exactly as long as it took Marvel to solicit a Bendis/Maleev book about Nick Fury.  That and a couple of First Class books should make me nice and happy.   Also, I pre-ordered Q&C, and it should be here soon, but I was kicking myself when I saw it at the Oni booth at the con.

    BQ — NYCC was awesome all around.  Sadly, I couldn’t stick around long enough on Saturday to meet up with the fanbase but there were still lots of highlights.  But watching my friend, who is possibly the world’s biggest Steve Rogers fan, shake hands with Joe Simon and tell him how much the character he created meant to her was pretty amazing.   

  6. Thin week for me as well. It’s a toss up between what I am most looking forward to. It’s between Thor and Might Avengers.

    I saw the iFanboys outside at the hot dog vendors when I got to the con on Sunday, but you guys looked hungry and exhausted, so I didn’t want to bug you. Also, I wanted to get into the Con and thought I might bump into you later. Didn’t happen though.

    BQ: Passover Sader on Saturday. I had some friends come to parents housed who weren’t Jewish, and it was a blast. I drank half a bottle of Kosher wine, and my Mom’s cooking was amazing. On top of that, I got to see my parents attempt to play Guitar Hero. 

  7. Yah, only a few comics this week.  Batman 675 and JLA 20 are what I’m looking forward to.  I think I’ll pick up Birds of Prey also, just to see what’s happening with Barbara Gordon.

    BQ: Best part of the weekend was the ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ rehearsal I ran.  Yes, I’m a HS Drama director and all-around theatre geek. 

  8. Not many books this week for me.

    Most looking foward to Checkmate #25 and Batman #675.

    BQ: Best part of the weekend was going to see a small indie band called Los Campesinos in a packed tiny venue and dancing my socks off! They were amazing and I think they”re going to be huge, kinda like a young punky version of Arcade Fire, and they’re heading to US shores as we speak so check ’em out if you can. 

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Mighty Avengers

    Ultimate Spider-Man


    BQ: John Siuntres’ blazer, Eva Mendes, the cast and creative team behind Hellboy II, and much, much more.   

  10. I am looking forward to Batman 675  this week.

     BQ: The best part of the weekend was meeting both you (conor) and ron. By the way thanks for the stickers, it went on my ipod. Also, at fri’s DC Nation panel i made the first nightwing joke of the  3 panels, so that was cool.

  11. Nice small week for me! Doesn’t happen too often anymore. I shall savor the moment by purchasing a single comic I would have otherwise passed up. To be decided at the LCS.

    Batman is at the top of my stack. Morrison is peerless in the industry a/t/m.

    My pull list for this week;

    Batman #675
    Checkmate #25
    Countdown To Final Crisis #1
    Death Of The New Gods #8
    Fallen Angel #26
    Godland #22
    Justice League Of America #20
    Thor #8

  12. BQ: Went shopping with my girlfriend over the weekend and spent the enitre weekend out & about. It was our first true taste of spring and it felt good to just wander down Michigan. Being in love and all that disgusting shit nobody really cares about. But we, I had a grand time.

  13. I am really looking forward to Mighty Avengers, Batman, and Fables. 

    BQ:  The best part of my weekend was that I finally broke down and bought ROCK BAND on PS3.  It is awesome.  I also got through alot of my unread stack and I am almost caught up with my indie books.

  14. Comics – Looking forward to Batman 675 and Checkmate 25.

     Best part of the weekend: Complaining to Ron that the X-men killed my love for comics back in the day. 

     Best moment of the Con: when a sad costumed Spawn with eyes that were obviously cut wrong tried to half-heartedly make his way through the crowd, muttering in a dejected way ‘ excuse me, I..I just need to get by, ummm, excuse me…"

    Just a truly perfect moment.

  15. The books I am most looking forward to include:

    Justice League of America
    Dynamo 5
    Mighty Avengers
    Ultimate Spider-Man

    All-in-all, a good week I think – not great, but good. 

    BQ: Celebrating my birthday. 

  16. Low week. Just Countdown and JLA (so I’m not too excited).

    Bonus Question: The best part of the weekend is the end (i work weekends). This weekend it was all about the Rugby League (except the Raiders lost)


  17. Four books. Three thru subscription service, so who knows when I’ll see them. Make the drive to LCS just for Countdown #1. Probably grab Batman. Can’t believe I dropped it. Not because I didn’t like it, just that fund aspects have to be taken into account now that I’m a victim of the stinking economy.

    BQ: Watching Blade Runner for the umpteenth time and junkin’ out on COD4 – that game is disturbingly addictive. Next weekend much more eventful: Van Halen in STL on Saturday and Blind Melon in Tulsa on Sunday.  

  18. Dropping Hulk this week, Dropped The Flash last week

    Batman #675

    Checkmate #25

    Countdown To Final Crisis #1

     Hack Slash Series Seeley Cvr A #11

    Justice League Of America #20

    Mighty Avengers #12

    Queen & Country Definitive Edition Tp Vol 02

    Shadowpact #24

    Supernatural Rising Son #1 (OF 6)

    Thor #8

     Ultimate Spider-Man #121

     Uncanny X-Men #497

    Young Avengers Presents #4 (OF 6)

    BQ- Best part of the weekend- meeting and drinking with the iFanbase and meeting/ mumbling awkardly in front of Mike Norton as he signed my Gravity trade

  19. This is Take It For Granted Week. Ultimate Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Mighty Avengers… lots of books that I "like," but none that make me hop from foot to foot outside the store waiting for it to open.

    Then again, that Mighty Avengers sounds pretty goddamn good.

    BQ: sadly, the tivo-clearing marathon.

  20. I’m most looking forward to Mighty Avengers this week, can’t wait to find out what Fury has been up to all this time, and another major reveal is supposed to take place in this issue.

    Also looking forward to the new Ms. Marvel.  Last issue was awesome, and I think it really didn’t get the attention it deserved.

    Can’t wait for the battle of the hulk’s in Hulk #3.

    I’m hoping we’ll get some clues as to what’s going to happen with Batman in the upcoming R.I.P. storyline in #675.

    Can’t help but look forward to another Brubaker penned issue of Uncanny X-men.

    Flash is finally going to be back in the pages of Justice League of America.  It’s about time.

    The new X-Force series has been great, and I’m looking forward to #3 this week.

    I thought the last issue of Thor was the best so far of the series, so I’m hoping to get the same quality this week.

    Young Avengers Presents focuses on my favorite member this month, The Vision. I’ve liked this series a lot so far.

    Looking forward to Countdown this week because it’s finally going to be over.. Thank Jebus!

    I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting but these are what I can recall at the moment. Should be a good week.  

  21. Forgot to answer the bonus question.  The best part of my weekend was hanging out with the family on Sunday.  Finally broke out the grill, it was great.  Such a beautiful day.

  22. Wow is Mighty Avengers really my most anticipated book? Maleev!

  23. Batman



    BQ: it wasnt when i stepped over vomit at 3 am at a taco cabana. 

  24. Batman #675

    Dynamo 5 #12

    Mighty Avengers #12

    Star Wars Legacy #22

    Tales From Wonderland Queen Of Hearts #1

    Thor #8

    Ultimate Fantastic Four #53

    Ultimate Spider-Man #121

    Uncanny X-Men #497

    Young Avengers Presents #4 (OF 6)


    Ultimate Spidey, Might Avengers, TFW: Queen of Hearts, Star Wars Legacy, and Uncanny top my list as "can’t wait’s".


    BQ: 6 hours of un-interrupted Assassin’s Creed and then playing Rock Band with my niece.  

  25. Can’t wait to find out what Nick Furry has been up to. Always want to see Thor and Northlanders always delivers. Not to heavy a week so I think I am going to pick up The Walking Dead in Trade, my LCS has been telling me how great the story is.

    BQ worked all weekend and we had snow on the Oregon Coast. What the Hell its almost May. I want to ride my MC. Not to crazy about it in the freezing rain and snow though. Sure would rather fill that tank then my SUV.

  26. Also can’t wait for Thor! How could I forget that?!?!


    Ultimate FF is on the chopping block, unless a miracle happens…. 

  27. Umm… Well, I’m buried under the loads of trades and novels I snagged at con, so I’ll try to refrain from anything more. 


    BQ;  Meeting everyone at the iFanbase get together.  Nice bunch of people, easy to talk to.  Glad I got to meet y’all.  And now after spending the whole day in the airport attempting to get back to Louisiana, I will sleep.  

  28. This has been one of the lightest weeks for me in a while with only 6 books. Im really looking forward to Mighty Avenegers. Surely this is already pick of the week. I dont know what Marvel have done but I completely sold on the Secret Invasion hype. And who can forget the other side of the fence. Ill be buying Countdown but thank god its the last issue!

    B.Q the lay in in the mornings, sweet heaven

  29. Thor


    Uncanny X-men


    BQ= I’ll say friday night after work, when I get my after work pint of guinness and the subsequent morning when I get to sleep in………most weekends.

  30. There’s so much goodness this week.  Batman, Checkmate, Countdown is done!, Death of the New Gods, Dynamo 5, Fables, Godland, Mighty Avengers, Thor, Ultimate Spidey.

    There’s also a lot of potential crap.  Hulk, Ms Marvel, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force.

    BQ: Recovering from having my small town blow up on Friday. 

  31. In a slow week, I’m prolly most looking forward to Thor – I was blown away by Djurdevic’s interior art in the last issue. This will be my last issue of Checkmate, with Rucka leaving.

    BQ: Teaching my son how to say "Cubs" and recognize the logo. 

  32. Good week for comics. Thor, Checkmate, New Gods, and mostly Maleev’s Mighty Avengers.

    BQ: Pops B-day party.

  33. Nice light week for me – I’ve gone through the list 3 times making sure I didn’t miss anything! I’m kind of in shock.

    Looking most forward to end of Countdown and Death of the New Gods, Batman, Mighty Avengers, JLA, Hack/Slash (more people should be reading it), Ultimate Spider-Man. Possibly my last Checkmate as well – Bruce Jones’ DC stuff just doesn’t work for me. Possibly White Picket Fences (anyone know anything about this) and Hulk vs. Hercules (which I’m guessing is reprints, so maybe not for $4).

    BQ: Celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary, which was to originally involve the NYCC, but morphed into a daytrip to Philly –  my old stomping grounds – where we ended up at a flea market where I got to indulge my three favorite hobbies – comics (Whiteout vol. 1 & 2 and Batman/Grendel TPB), trashy DVDs (grindhousey goodness with Toxic Avenger, Thriller, and Alligator), and Pez (you have to see that new Batman set – holy shit!). This was followed up with a burger at the Charcoal Pit, Delaware’s best roadside eatery. A good time was had by all – well, at least by me.

  34. Very slow week for me as I’m only looking to pickup Fables as I got Mice Templar at NYCC. Might take the opportunity to pick up Hellblazer and the Powers annual. 

    Best moment of the week-end was attending both the Quesada and Morrison panels, getting a cool sketch from Risso (and Azz), and of course hanging out with everyone at the ifanboy party.

  35. Big week for me wallet wise (Batman, Checkmate, Northlanders, Q&C Definitive Vol.2, Daredevil Hell to Pay Vol.2).  Alright iFanboys, whose sticking around for Checkmate after this issue?

    BQ:  Supported my favorite local shops for Record Store Day on Sat.  Bought some great vinyl.

  36. This week is going to really hurt the wallet, but I’m mostly excited for the Classic Deadpool Trade coming out.

     BQ: Best parts of the weekend: performing at the NYCC, meeting Conor and Josh, Hanging with Jimmy from Comic News Insider

  37. I have a nice light week, which allows me to stay on budget and still get my two most anticipated things:  Queen & Country, Vol. 2 and Jonah Hex, Vol. 4.  Can’t wait for those.  In issues, I’m really looking forward to Ultimate Spider-Man, and I’m trying desperately not to get sucked into getting Mighty Avengers (but it’s Bendis and Maleev!).  I just can’t do it…from a financial and principle standpoint.

    BQ:  Finally getting to watch my copy of Justice League: The New Frontier.  It was scrumtrulescent.  And I visited some old college buds, so that was fun too.

  38. Another week filled with books I FREAKING LOVE. Am I the only person who’s *always* happy with my comics?

    Mighty Avengers #12
    Ms Marvel #26
    She-Hulk 2 #28
    Uncanny X-Men #497
    X-Force #3
    Young Avengers Presents #4 (OF 6)

    BQ: Anytime i had a pair of breasts in my face or an ass in my hands, that was the best part of my weekend. There were at least five instances of this (and four different women). I rule! 


  39. Caught Q&C at the Oni Booth as well though my first thought was, "How the hell did I miss that?!" Becuase… well frankly my memory is not one to be trusted.  Good to know I’m not just a spaz.

     Small but crazy week.  Last issue of countdown.  Checkmate.  Batman is always crazy now a days. 

    I don’t know what this White Picket Fences this is, but I adored the mini so I’m on board.  The story was great, the art was beautiful.  More people need to pick this up.  Yeah yeah, 7 dollars, but it’s chunky and truly I would drop another book from my stack if given the chance to throw some money at these people (I mean literally.  Not by buying two copies.  If Micah Farritor dropped by my apartment I would open my wallet and just empty it out.  Here sir.  Your art makes me drool like a slack jawed yokel.)  So there’s that.

    BQ: Every waking moment of this weekend was a trip.  I even had some crazy dreams, so non-waking moments too.  Meeting old buddies for the first time (weird how that works).  Getting stupidly drunk with one of the oddest men I’ve ever met (in a good way).  Being absurd enough to make Jamie McKelvie laugh.  Chatting with ridiculously endearing indie creators (and throwing money at them).  Getting career advice from an adorable idol of mine on a tiny out of the way panel (who just after that sat on a panel with the biggest crowd of the weekend). Grant Morrison (enough said).  Seeing one of my old favorite comedians.  Seeing one of my new favorite comedians.  Talking about the con with another comedian (actually during his set.  "I wish I could’ve gone!")  Just all around, good fucking times.  I couldn’t choose a singular moment if my life depending on it (hopefully it doesn’t.  Please don’t hurt me.)

  40. Wow, only 8 comics this week.

    I guess I’m most looking forward to Mighty Avengers, Thor, and Dynamo 5. If your not reading Dynamo 5, you really should be. Its a great team book.

    I’m really hoping McDuffie pulls JLA in a good direction. Cuz if he doesn’t, then I’m dropping it.


    BQ: Probably seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall, much enjoyment from that. 

  41. Batman


    Countdown To Final Crisis #1 (Yay, it’s over!) 


    BQ – Playing basketball all day Saturday in the sun.

  42. I’m looking forward to a bunch of stuff this week.

    The Greg Rucka experience with Checkmate #25 (Gravedigger!!!!) and Q&C Vol 2

    The book that has been so good that it’s shocking: Thor # (Djurdjvic!)

    My favorite artist ever Alex Maleev and the return of Nick Fury in Mighty Avengers

    Grant Morrison’s awesome Batman (however I REALLY don’t want Bruce Wayne to die!)

    And, because it will be over, 

    The end of Countdown

    BQ: I don’t know, it was a boring weekend.

  43. Dear conor,

    i would like to thnk you for making me one of those special people you spilled my drink, and the bonus was you spilled my drink ontop of me.  and a special shout out to the girl whos pants ripped at the party. 

  44. Cinnamon The Cowgirl. Checkmate better blow my mind this week. I can’t believe I waited this long for Cinnamon the Cowgirl and G.I. Robot.

  45. Small week for me as well….


    bq-300 dollars. 

  46. Only three books on my pull list (Batman, JLA, Death of the New Gods), so perhaps I’ll also pick up Hellblazer from last week as per Josh’s recommendation.

  47. This is a huge week.

    I’m looking forward to Birds of Prey and CheckMate. Grant it, its the last issue of Sean McKeever and Greg Rucka. I’ll keep on getting Birds of Prey but CheckMate is getting dropped after this isue. 

    As for this weekend, hmmm… where to start… Meeting old friends, getting drunk, sightseeing, I can go on… 


  48. @bigyanks – Whoa, hey, whoa!  That wasn’t me that spilled your drink, that was the dude who was trying to get passed you and slammed into your arm!

  49. I live in NYC, and couldn’t go to the Con, because the play I’m directing is in hell week.  Sucks.  Also, I’m sick.  Double sucks.  Also, I’m getting let go from my day job.  Triple sucks.  Maybe that last one should have been first…

     Thank God for Skrulls.  Mighty Avengers is my "must-read" this week.  I think I’m more excited about the Avengers "explanation" books than I am about the actual Secret Invasion issues.

    BQ: I had a really good egg-white, turkey sausage and cheese on a whole-wheat English muffin for dinner last night around 1 AM.  At 7-11.  That was probably it.

  50. @Labor

    Dude, the Rooks are going to be awesome.

    Gravedigger!!!!! (he’;s the onlt person other than Sgt. Rock to have ever commanded E. Company in the old Kubert war comics!)

  51. Mighty avengers,batman and spidy


    BQ: nothing

  52. Small week.  I think I’ll go back and jump on Green Lantern.

    BQ: UFC pay-per-view Saturday night.

  53. Dear conor,

    I stand corrected. but i would like to thank you for molesting belly. 

  54. You’re welcome.

  55. I only have three books this week.  Weird.

    BQ:  I got to play both dnd and Star Wars in one weekend.  It was an RP marathon of awesome.

  56. I am in a quandry. This is the worst time to be switching stores, because I may not get all the books I want, but that’s where I’m at. The best part of my weekend was Friday night playing soccer with kids 20+ years my younger. Whew!