New Animated Batman Series!

According to Newsarama, an all-new Batman animated series was officially announced today. The Batman will debut this fall and air on Saturday mornings on Kids WB. In early 2005, the series will then move to Cartoon Network.

The Batman will follow the adventures of a mid-20s Batman in the third year of his war on crime. The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Riddler and Man-Bat will all be featured on the series as they have their first confrontations with The Bat.


Man, I really wish I had a TiVo now….


  1. i saw that earlier
    U2 guy has something to do with it i think
    i’m not sure…i liked it better when the brought in robin, batgirl and nightwing

  2. Did you even read the article?

    The “U2 guy” is writing and performing the theme music.

  3. I’m pretty hopeful for this; it looks like new talent and a new crew — should be great fun!

  4. Batman TAS was the best animated show in recent memory. I was also a big fan of Superman TAS, but they were related I suppose. I read that the voice for the Bat isn’t Kevin Conroy. Boo I say.

    Like many crusty old people, I hate change.

  5. Kevin Conroy would sound wrong if Batman was supposed to be around 25-26.


  6. No, I don’t think Timm or Dini’s involved at all. At least, on credit. Might be backdoor advisors or something….

    And you know who’s going to sound weird — The Joker. If Mark Hammill isn’t doing the Joker, that’s going to sound weird.

  7. Okay, I don’t know who posted that Timm/Dini comment, but it wasn’t me.

    But you’re right about The Joker.

  8. Calrification – toga was responding to a comment I made that was deleted about how Timm or Dini don’t seem to be involved.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t anywhere near it.

  9. Clarification #2

    Apparently, Ron hadn’t changed the identification info since his party so he posted under my name which is why I got confused and deleted the post.

    Timm and Dini are cartoon gods, yes, but I want to see what other people have up their sleeves. It’s worth a shot.

  10. AWESOME!!!

    I love the retro-esque look.

  11. Wait… Dini is lost?


  12. *giggles* Well, if someone can delete the double post I just did! *grins*

    Poster looks AWESOME! Yeah, that right amount of retro and anime….

  13. Dini doesn’t know where he’s going…at least he didn’t in San Diego

  14. hahahahahahahaha

    (I wasn’t there for that)

  15. I didn’t know what he was talking about either until just now. Ha.

  16. Ah, San Diego….

    Good times… good times.

  17. Oh, sure, rub it in….when is it this year?

  18. Here’s a look at the already produced toyline!

    Man, they’re fast.

  19. well, that’s different.

    Once again, I reserve my judgement.

  20. Dang, yeah, I’m a bit “woah” now myself with the sudden mass marketing.