Neil Gaiman on ‘Cranky Geeks’

In an odd turn of worlds colliding for me, renowned author and comic god for his work on Sandman, was recently a guest on the IPTV tech pundit discussion show, Cranky Geeks.

Check it out, it’s a half hour show and a pretty good discussion with easily one of comics biggest names.

While the first half focuses on Gaiman and is very interesting, the latter portion of the discussion about blogging and online publishing etc. was really engaging. John C. Dvorak is a well known computers/technology columnist and is a bit of a tough pill to swallow for some (I love him, go figure), but it’s really neat to see this tech based show turn into complete fanboy-ism around Gaiman.


  1. I’m subscribed to the Cranky Geeks show just to hear Dvorak chew and spit out people and gossip, even when he is wrong. Anyways, heard the show on Friday and what a super duper pleasant surprise that Gaiman was a guest! Guess Dvorak is a fan or at least has heard of him. Regardless, it is nice nice to hear writers talking about their craft and medium in a non-graphic novel atmosphere. Hell, I’ll even start writing myself! My choice for now is to use Pages sofware in me MacBook. Hate Word, too officey or work like, Pages just seems like a nice game or something.

  2. This was good. A little weird how much Dvorak wanted Neil to hug him.