Need a New Computer? Marvel and DC Got You Covered

Anyone in the market for a new computer?

If so and you’re a DC geek, then this Superman themed desktop or laptop may be for you. Or if you’re a Marvel Zombie, maybe you’d want to enter to win this X-Men themed system.

I like comics, but I don’t know if I like them this much.


  1. Cool for any fanboy.

  2. I thought ‘X-men? Free competition? Sweet!’ then I followed the link…. X-men: The Last Stand 🙁

  3. I’d paint over it. X3 or no, I’d take a free computer. Just put that “custom painted” side to the wall.

    And for the low low price of $29, Alienware will send you a superman mousepad.

  4. Haha, wow. Those are actually really cool.

    X3 computer though…that’s still enough to delight any iFanboy….

    Sure, it may seem ridiculous…but hey, free computer right? Your excuse is that you won it in a contest….and worst comes to worse, you take the parts inside of it and transfer it to a new case, and then sell the Superman/X3 one for assloads of cash on the internet!

  5. If I want a super hero themed computer, I’ll get a mac and put sickers on it.

  6. boo mac

  7. boooo

  8. Hey, I went Mac over a year ago and it�s been decent. No one could give me an intelligent argument against Macs, so when it came time to get a new computer I thought I would give it a shot.

    Although, I am still pretty much indifferent on Mac or PC.

  9. Yay, either!

  10. Ron, Connor,

    What’s up? Boo to Mac? You would rather use a Window’s machine? I don’t get it. They do run XP now. I use PC’s at work and Mac at home (for the last two years). I will never go back to PC. There’s no reason to now; especially since the compatibility argument is now resolved (they run XP….;-p)…

    Anyway, I would rather talk comics. I’ve downloaded about 5 more gigs of comics in the past week. I have also ordered $150 worth of comics from in the same time period. That is my highest dollar total on one batch of comics in the last year. (My wife is gonna kill me. this is getting almost as bad as my guitar related eBay purchases)

  11. I had to buy a Mac for my Graphic Design degree, but when i finished and didn’t go into graphic Design as a career i had the option to either get a new Mac or a new PC. I went Mac, having owned both I just chose the one I liked better. I think what PC owners don’t like about Macs is the elitist attitude of the owners and also to some extent the advertising campaigns.

  12. I like that Mac hired John Hodgeman. Sure, they make him the weenie, but still.