Nearby Residents Went Inexplicably Bald: Kryptonite Found in Serbia (UPDATE)

I admit it. I’m not sure what the significance of this story is, but it was just so odd that I had to share. Apparently, they’ve found some kryptonite in Serbia

Though the material is not a perfect match, its chemical breakdown is strikingly similar. Can something really be striking when the original formula is completely made up?

UPDATE!┬áBecause DC can’t be the only one in the real world, here comes Spider-Man Well no, not really.

Either way, if I see anyone flying around, I’m moving to someplace desolate.


  1. That’s mostly coincedental. If you wanna see something oddly Supes-related, check this out:

  2. Cool … orbits a red sun and everything…

  3. hmmmm it must be the fluorine that turns it green… and crystallizes it. Right? Right. Just don’t ask a scientist.

  4. Don’t ask a scientist?! What kind of an attitude is that!? You should always ask a scientist, we just know. And if we didn’t know we know enough big words to make you think we do.

    Also, while this news is cool and oddly excitatory (see? big words) I’m having to avoid this thread because it brings scientific reality and comics too close together in the neurons of my brain and I’m terrified about the reaction that might cause. Aneurysms and blood/brain/exploding conditions.

  5. quite possably the coolest thing ever!

  6. On my local news broadcast they showed a green crystal formation for the teaser of this story, which is complete bullocks since it was really a white powder from a core sample.

    Cool cyrstal caves, though. Hey didn’t supes move his fortress from the North Pole to Mexico last year???

  7. Ecuador actually, and he’s already gone back to the North Pole.