My Little Ponies… OF JUSTICE!

Just click here,

Trust me.

Someone has way too much time on their hands.


  1. ok, NOW I’ve seen it all

  2. is it wierd that i kinda think i would buy those.
    some looked cool

  3. Yes, it is weird.

  4. If by “weird” you mean “wrong.”

  5. awww come on. think about it, you could set up guy and bats like the cover of Justice League. that would be cool. the only one i wouldn’t get is the blue jay one and then it would turn out thats the hard to find one and i’ll search forever till i get it.

    glad these aren’t for sale, i can see how it might look if i put these on a shelf in my house.


  6. ……..

  7. Awww, he’s just a play foolin’ now.

    Or is he….

  8. Soon you shall see the true power of the superponies! And they shall rule you all! Bwahahaha!

    …dang it, now where did Beetle go with my world domination plans?