My Dream Comes True… ‘X-Treme X-Men’ Cancelled; ‘Excalibur’ Returns

Finally, despite good sales, Marvel is cancelling X-Treme X-Men. But it gets even better, with the upcoming “reloaded” X-books in 2004, we’re going to get a new Excalibur series! I don’t know the details, but I’m a happy camper! I’ve always hated X-Treme

For those of you who don’t know, it was Excalibur #19 that marked the first comic book I ever bought. Excalibur will always have a place in my heart, as well as the characters from the incarnation of the book. Especially Kitty Pryde. I dunno if I like the Britney-like look she has in that piece of art, but I guess things change with the times…


  1. Why did you hate X-TREME?

    I’ve read some griping about Kitty’s sexpot look elsewhere on the ‘net.

    Me, I didn’t buy X-TREME and I won’t be buying EXCALIBUR (unless they got Alan Davis on art).

  2. Hated X-Treme for a few reasons:
    1. It was obviously a “let Claremont have his way book” and the entire feel just didn’t feel right to me. Globe trotting, mystery solving blah blah.

    2. I didn’t like the idea of Claremont taking so many of those characters away from the core 2 books for so long. I do miss Rogue, Storm, Gambit etc. I don’t miss Bishop though.

    3. The digital inking/coloring irked me at the time it came out.

    4. They killed Psylocke in the first few issues! I loved that character…

    So I dropped it at issue #4 I think.


    happy days, happy days

    if you stopped reading at issue 4 then you don’t know how he has totally screwed with everyone. i just hope it’s not to hard to bring them back into the fold.

    i loved EXCALIBUR, bring it on!!!

  4. OMG youre kiddng
    how bad was it? give me the rundown

  5. i wish i could tell you whats going on. it’s so confusing, so bad, just blah. new bad guys and story plots are introduced then go nowhere.

    i’ll tell you this though rogue has a tattoo over half her body now, oh and she lost her powers. so i don’t know if she’ll be coming back or joining excalibur.

    she was one of my top 5 x-men, and pretty much you wish she had died with psylocke. heck you wish they all died rather then being butcherd by clairmont and this book.



    Of all characters, he was DEFINED by her powers!

  7. X-Treme is the worst! So over-written and even more convoluted than Claremont’s last run on FF. AND for the life of me, I still have been unable to get this seperate group’s reason for existence outside the main group? Is that “Destiny’s diaries that we don’t trust Prof. X with” thing still going on, or are they gallivanting for some other reason.

    Excalibur could be interesting, but I doubt anything could top where Warren Ellis took it and where it went after he left makes me think it’s a bad idea to go back there.

    And, I know that people buy them, but there are still entirely too many X-Books, esp. considering 90% of them are complete crap.

    Right now the only ones I enjoy are New X=Men, Wolverine, & Mystique. You can keep the rest. (I had been enjoying Exiles, but the Chuck Austen interruptions entirely killed that book for me.)

  8. Will everyone believe me now that Claremont sucks as a writer?

  9. I can’t say Claremont sucks as a writer. Sure he sucks now, but he wrote the Dark Phoenix Saga! Come on! He was great!

    It’s like this – Kerouac wrote On the Road, and it rules. He also wrote a ton of other books I bet half of you never even heard of, for good reason, cause they suck…

  10. Yeah, I definitely don’t agree that he sucks as a writer. X-Men exists today because of him (no slight to their creators, but he made them what they are). And I’ve liked some of his other stuff (Go Sovereign Seven!) but some of his recent work just hasn’t held up as well.

  11. Okay, as I’ve pointed out before….Claremont worked with Byrne on that stuff. Marvel method then was that the writer basically did dialogue — he didn’t do plots, storyline, characterization, etc. I mean, seriously, after the Dark Phoenix Saga, his major contribution to the females in Marvel was, “Yum.”

    *eye roll* I think the welling horridness he’s produced AFTER Dark Phoenix should lead to the conclusion that he didn’t write that by himself.

  12. What? You didn’t like X-Men Down Under? They had their own aborigine!

  13. Claremont’s run even after Dark Phoenix was excellent (including Austraila, which ruled as far as I’m concerned)…right up until 1991, when it became unruly and then Jim Lee left and Claremont shortly after.

    What concerns me now is what I read in Wizard – Excalibur will star Xavier and maybe Archangel and Claremont want’s Excalibur to be the MAIN book. WTF?

    Uncanny will ALWAYS be the main book.

  14. Isn’t UNCANNY getting rebooted?

  15. Haven’t they learned that rebooting is terrible?


  16. No mention of Uncanny being rebooted in any of the press other than the rumor mongers

  17. I couldn’t find anything either…