Moving on… Daredevil #82 Preview Art

Well, Daredevil #81 came out yesterday and was Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev’s last issue on the title. Feel free to discuss what you thought of the last issue here.

**Possible Spoiler Warning**

But also, if you’re curious about Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark being on the book and what that may look like, you can check out the first 7 pages here . I don’t really think they spoil that much, it’s definitely more of a preview.

We’ve discussed how Bendis/Maleev are going to be a tough act to follow, but even more so after the events after the events of #81, they left Daredevil in a spot that’s gotta be a challenge to write out of. But from the looks of these pages, it looks like it going to be good.

I thought #81 was great, in its typical Bendis/Maleev style, but it did feel a bit “quick! wrap things up!” But that’s ok. This is obviously a starting point as much as it was an ending.


  1. I want to look, but I don’t!

  2. I hope this turns out good. Really enjoyed Bendis’ run on Daredevil. This looks promising.

  3. WOW
    i for one like the look…
    the art kind of reminds me of lee weeks run on the book.
    i think it might be an equal trade, we lost a great team but this new one should be pretty solid…you know cup of joe loves his daredevil, he wouldn’t let it go to hell…so i’m excited to see how everything goes

  4. “you know cup of joe loves his daredevil…”

    That’s funny.

  5. Okay, I looked.

    Damn, this is going to be good.

  6. I wouldn’t call this an equal trade. Bendis clearly loved working on Daredevil. So he did it for a long time.

    I doubt (for some reason) that Brubaker will stick around as long, or show the same amount of genuine love for the character.

    Anyway, I’m sure this will all come up in the podcast. So be sure to listen.

  7. This seems similar to when Mark Waid ended his run on The Flash and Geoff Johns took over. Waid clearly loved Wally West and that showed in his writing. But Johns’s run was great in its own way.

  8. don’t remind be about Wally!

  9. Oh, no! Should I call your boss to explain why you just went running to the bathroom, tears streaming down your cheeks, lips trembling?

  10. you got me with the “trembling” bit.

  11. It’s doesn’t look to bad, but hard to judge from seven pages.