Miranda Otto is Nina Locke in Fox’s LOCKE AND KEY Pilot

Deadline is reporting that Australian actress Miranda Otto has been cast as Nina Locke in the pilot for the possible Fox series based on Locke & Key. Otto is probably best known to most people as Eowyn in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Terminator: The Sarah Conners Chronicles creator Josh Friedman has written in the pilot. Mark Romanek is in talks to direct.



  1. I always imagine Mary Louise Parker in this role, but as that’s not an option…sure, yeah. 

  2. I really wish this was on another network, Fox shows just cheap to me.  I guess its a lighting thing

    Good casting though for a great character.

  3. just *look* cheap to me that is

  4. @Paul I tend to imagine Mary-Louise Parker in most things.

  5. @cutty as long as they don’t schedule for this show on Friday like they did for Firefly, and Dollcrap..then i t will be fine.

  6. @RoiVampire – Is your handle ROIVampire as in "Return On Invesment Vampire" or just "Roy Vampire". Just wanted know that.

  7. I like it.

  8. I imagined Lena Headey in the role, especially after watching Sarah Conner Chronicles. I like this casting though.

  9. I guess this is really moving forward.  I wish this was with FX (or AMC for that matter).  It would make me more confident in this shows prospects.

  10. Do Americans even make shows without having an Australian in the cast?

  11. This pleases me. I suggest Allison Scagliotti as Kinsey.

  12. "Do Americans even make shows without having an Australian in the cast?"

    Yeah, what is it with all the actor in Hollywood being Australian?  Do they work cheap?  I can understand the British actors.  British actors are solid. They just act.  But Australians?  Where are all the American actors? In Australia acting?  

  13. Great choice. She’s an actress with a great range.

  14. She was amazing as Eowyn. I think she’ll kill this roll.

  15. Where’s the like button?

  16. @mudd  –  we get Canadians at a discounted rate too.

  17. How about Ian Somerhalder for Dodge?  While I blame my wife for any exposure I have to vampire diaries, I can sign off on the guy as a capable actor (at least within his range) and he definately looks the part.  Might be a little old though…

  18. Can play drunk?  If so she should be good for the role.

  19.  as long as they get to 12-13 eps i’ll be happy.