Mike Dawson’s ‘TROOP 142’ to be Published by Secret Acres

The Beat had it first, and I was glad to see that Troop 142 by Mike Dawson will be published in the Fall of 2011 by Secret Acres, a small comics publisher founded in 2006.  Troop 142 is the tale of week long boy scout camping trip, rooted firmly in the reality of how young boys actually act.  Meaning, it's not really for kids.  But that truth is what makes it so compelling.  Dawson is best known for his book, Freddie and Me, a former iFanboy Book of the Month

Sound intriguing?  Well the good news is, you can read Troop 142 right now, for free, just as the story is wrapping up.  Be careful if it's your first day back and work, and you get caught up in this. You won't get anything done.

You can also listen to this conversation I had with Mike on our Talksplode podcast, and you can always catch him on his own podcast with Alex Robinson, The Ink Panthers Show. What I'm saying is: there's a lot of Mike Dawson available.


  1. I’m glad to see this is coming out. Based only on FREDDIE AND ME and The Ink Panthers Podcast, I’ve been looking forward to reading this. I know it’s available online but I still prefer print these days. Looks like I’ll get what I want in the fall!

  2. Bookmarked! And yes, it will end up on my shelf.