Metrosexuality to Rule Atlantis: Aquaman Cast

The role for Aquaman has been cast, and the pilot is set to film. There’s no doubt that his smooth, hairless body will glide through the water with little to no drag of any kind. Apparently, in this version of the Atlantean myth, Arthur Curry’s day job is as an Abercrombie model.

That last part was a joke.

Honestly, I’m not really invested too much in the idea of Aquaman one way or another, but I’m sure there are people who are, and I’m sure they’ll be upset. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure the pre-existing audience for Aquaman is fairly insignificant, and the producers are going after a different audience. And as far as the property is concerned, this just has to be a bonus for Warner Bros. that it even got greenlit.


  1. Are you calling me insignificant?!??!

    Them’s fightin’ words, bud.

    As for the actor – god, he’s not even blonde. I’d rather have the guy from SMALLVILLE.

  2. I’m calling the number of you insignificant, at least in respect to the larger audience. Your niche demographic doesn’t warrant consideration.

    But he’s so purty, and so smoooooth.

  3. That he is.

  4. jeez. i don’t like he owns a dive shop. are they droping the whole king of atlantis thing?

    come on now.

  5. also tom welling was a model before smallville so i’m not writing this guy off yet…

    if we get to see the pilot i’ll watch

    it’ll either be close to smallville good or worse than birds of prey

  6. *groans and buries head in sand*

  7. But look at his abs!

  8. Makes me wanna eat cake.

    Or pie even.

  9. *groans more and buries head more*