Members Giveaway: Mike Allred Original Art

UPDATE! We will be announcing the winner on the April 19th episode of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast. To be eligible, make sure you’ve signed up to be a member by April 16th!

As you’ve heard, one of the benefits of becoming a member of iFanboy is that we have periodic giveaways that will rock the world of a lucky member. This month we’re excited as hell to present to you one of the coolest giveaways ever!

One lucky member of iFanboy will receive a page of original art from Red Rocket 7, drawn and signed by Mike Allred! The page is from issue #1; it’s page 5, and it features Red Rocket 7 and the band taking the stage at a concert in Portland. This is a one of kind page, that if you know anything about original art, is worth quite a bit!

Red Rocket 7 was recently re-released by Image Comics and if you like music, comics and Mike Allred, then you have check out the book! It’s iFanboy approved!

Here is a scan of the page that we’ll be giving away — Red Rocket 7, issue #1, page #5:

And here is the page as it appears in the Red Rocket 7 paperback, fully colored (page 11):


If you are already an iFanboy member, you don’t need to do anything, just by being a member you’re already entered. If you’re not a member then what are you waiting for? Go sign up for a membership in the iFanboy store now! We’ll be doing the random drawing of the winner in early April, so sign up today to make sure you’re eligible.

We’d like to thank Mike Allred for his generosity and the fine folks at Neon Monster for their assistance.


  1. Just signed up for a membership. Thanks for all of your hard work guys!

  2. Awesome, glad I signed up 😀

  3. C’mooooonnnn, God let me win this. C’mooooooonnnnnnnn….

  4. This is an awesome prize. I’m glad i joined becuase you guys are entertaining as hell. This stuff is all gravy!!

  5. Wow, good luck to all involved! I love being a member!

  6. Good luck everybody (not really, I want to win.) That’s quite a cool prize. Being a member certainly has it’s benefits!

  7. Man these are the kinds of prizes i was hoping for, this and the coraline package were super cool prizes.

  8. Awesome! Of all the contests so far this is by far the coolest. Good luck everyone 🙂

  9. This is a great prize and I only hope I’m an official member to take advantage of the contest. I mean 10 bucks disappears from my account every month so I think I’m good. 😉

  10. Nice!

  11. I don’t own any original art except my own, this is an awesome prize! 

  12. Very cool, member perks make me happy  😉

    As if my HURM and iFanboy tshirts weren’t enough

  13. Updated post to reflect the eleigibility deadline!

  14. I was at Neon Monster that day and i have to say, All of the art on display was amazing!

  15. I agree with @voodoomama, the show itself is the prize, and all swag is gravy! But I wouldn’t mind that piece of art though…