Maybe THIS stunt will work! Spider-Man to Team-Up with Invincible

In the ever increasing insularity of the comic book industries, Marvel is going to try something to get fans interested, by having Spider-Man crossover with Invincible, the creator owned character by fan favorite Robert Kirkman, in Marvel Team-Up #14.

While I like Invincible, I can’t imagine what this will do for Marvel. I can see the benefit for Kirkman, and hopefully more people will go over to his fantastic book. Maybe they’re just doing something nice for someone they want to keep around. It all becomes clear now….

Check out the press release:

Unbelievable: Invincible and Spider-Man Team-Up

In one of the most surprising and coolest moves of the year, Marvel is welcoming Invincible into the Marvel Universe for one issue only to team-up with Spider-Man in Marvel Team-Up #14.

Robert Kirkman, writer of the monthly Marvel Team-Up and the indie hit Invincible, finally gets to play with all of his toys in one sandbox. And like a little kid with his toys, Kirkman can barely contain his enthusiasm.

“I’m a comics reader as much as a writer. I love the stuff, and have for YEARS. To get to see a character I created running around the Marvel Universe with Spider-Man is a dream come true,” says Kirkman.

What started off as a joke has become a thrilling reality as the new teen superhero Invincible gets to meet the archetype for all teen superheroes: Spider-Man.

“It came about almost entirely through luck,” recounts Kirkman. “As a joke, one day while I was talking to Tom Brevoort about future issues, I said: ‘Why don’t we use Invincible in an issue? I know the creators of that guy.”

“For some reason, Tom forwarded that onto Joe Quesada and he liked the idea. After some boring paperwork we got the ball rolling on what must be the coolest thing to happen in my career YET!” says Kirkman.

Marvel Team-Up #14 finds universes colliding as Invincible and Spider-Man take on a recently escaped Doctor Octopus. The New Avengers also make an appearance in this monumental meeting of heroes.

Be sure to pick up Marvel Team-Up #14 for the team-up you thought you could only dream of as Robert Kirkman is joined by his Invincible co-creator Cory Walker in this one-of-a-kind crossover event.

Pencils & Cover by CORY WALKER
FOC – 10/13, On Sale – 11/9/2005


  1. There are no new readers.

  2. Not only are there no new readers, but the industry feels like a man in the prison shower and his throat has been cut, and he’s gushing current readers out of his neck, because he ran his mouth off in the exercise yard, and look at him now!

  3. The cool thing is that eventually the industry will grow so small that there will be personally targeted marketing. There will be a headline on Newsarama one day that says “MARVEL SUCCESSFUL IN GETTING JOSH FLANAGAN TO BUY MARVEL TEAM-UP #47, QUADRUPLING SALES”

  4. That would have to be one hell of an issue where they team Logan with Adebisi.

  5. Ooooh… even *I* would buy that one!

  6. imagine the possibilites – Batman team up with O’Riley? The Red Skull teams up with Schillinger?

  7. The Batman/O’Reilly team-up would last one page as Batman would punch him and drag him back to jail.