Marvel’s Next Big Thing! Kelly Sue DeConnick & Stefano Caselli Take On AVENGERS ASSEMBLE

Avengers Assemble

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Stefano Caselli are taking the reins of Avengers Assemble as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. We spoke to the new team along with editors Tom Brevoort and Lauren Sankovitch.

It all starts in November with issue #9. Though not pictured on this cover, the roster includes Thor and Captain Marvel. We’ll also see Black Widow somewhere down the line. It’s a rotating cast composed and dictated primarily by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but given the opportunity, DeConnick has eagerly added Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew to the lineup. She’s already the ongoing writer for Captain Marvel’s solo series, but she has just as much love for the “crazy and broken” Spider-Woman. Her read on Drew is based on Brian Michael Bendis’ take, though the rest of the cast sound the way they do in the movies.

Despite their (compulsory) exclusion from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers Assemble will also include cameos from the likes of Wolverine and Scarlet Witch.

DeConnick describes the tone of the book in four letters. ACDC. The writer expresses real fondness for Iron Man’s introduction in this year’s Marvel’s The Avengers film coupled with iconic Aussie rock. She hopes to infuse this comic with the same level of bravado and thrills.

Though DeConnick suggests it’s too early to pin down a group philosophy for this motley crew–she prefers to view them each with their own individual mission statements–Brevoort offers that the current portrayal of the Avengers in general has a bit of an Aaron Sorkin corollary. The editor points to Sorkin’s love for competent, often combatant people thrust together to bring about a better future.



  1. filippod (@filippodee) says:
  2. Now this is a monthly Avengers I can get behind. I think I’m pretty much done with the Avengers books that drive the MU. I wouldn’t mind a Avengers that just does it’s own thing.

  3. Can Marvel Studios use Spider-Woman in Avengers movies?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      We’re not sure on that one.

    • If they couldn’t use Spider-Woman, I think you could make a case for taking the SHIELD/HYDRA double-agent elements of Jessica Drew’s backstory and add it to a new take on Janet Van Dyne.

      That could give the Wasp a more plausible reasons for being with the Avengers — maybe Agent Van Dyne is undercover in HYDRA, gets found out and is subjected to some experimentation and brainwashing. She gets some unstable powers, is forced to fight SHIELD and the Avengers, but is ultimately deprogrammed (and has her powers stabilized) by SHIELD’s own Dr. Henry Pym. BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE MADE.

    • Billions….

  4. i think it’s funny they have tree digits for the number.

    • I agree. I said something very similar when I saw Ultimate X-Men had three place holders when SPencer was writing it. Like any book gets to triple digits anymore!

  5. 009… I guess they are optimistic that this whole “avengers” thing is going to be popular…

  6. i’ve checked in on the site several times today in the hopes of pulling/discussing new books only to be disappointed all day. American football(the only real football says i) is in pre-season this month onward until sep. 5th. might have something to do with it. football is definitely holiday worthy. especially on Thanksgiving and X-mas.

  7. I’d really love for Carol & Jessica to turn up in the cinematic universe.

  8. Oddly, I wasn’t interested in the initial Bendis/Bagley run on this book – despite loving their run on Ultimate Spidey. But THIS team I can get behind. I love Stefano Caselli’s artwork and Kelly Sue has really grown on me as a writer. I really wanted to be reading the new Captain Marvel book, but just couldn’t get past the artwork.

    Question: Do we know if this book takes place in Marvel Cinematic continuity, 616 continuity, or some separate don’t-worry-and-just-enjoy-the-story continuity??