Marvel’s In the Money with Movies, True Believer!

You never know where these comics are going to pop up. I stumbled across this article over at Business 2.0 about Marvel and their financial success under Avi Arad, and their foray into movies. For those interested, it gives a pretty good overview over the crap Marvel went through in the 90’s and is another example of the media patting Avi Arad on the back for getting Marvel movies into production.

There is also info about upcoming movies such as Hulk 2 and Captain America.

Apparently Marvel only made $25,000 off the first Blade movie. That’s just sad.


  1. I think I read that Alan Moore only got $6000 for one of his movies. And I think he had to split it.

    It’s funny, but that article doesn’t make me feel better about the future of the movies. For one thing, this sentence: But in the end, Ratner will relent. He, like everybody else in Hollywood, understands that no one on the planet knows more about the peculiar ways of Marvel’s gallant mutants and evil freaks than Avi Arad.

    God, I hope that isn’t true. Tom Brevoort would likely disagree.

    Man, I wish I’d bought Marvel stock back when it was 3 bucks. Who’d have thought they’d pull out of it though? Then I saw Joe Quesada’s apartment.

  2. speaking of movies produced by Marvel. Looks like they’re off and running.