‘Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.’ – S01E01&02 – “Doorway To Destruction, Part 1 & 2”


Here’s how “Doorway To Destruction” is described:

Hulk and Rick Jones respond to a gamma portal created by Annihilus in an effort to drain Earth’s resources. But unable to get through, Annihilus sends Skaar to retrieve a Gamma ray cannon to help him push through. Red Hulk traces the portal and arrives to lend a much needed hand in battle.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. This looks fun.

    I’ll watch this when it makes it to Netflix.

  2. Great, now I’m waiting for “Thor and the agents of H.A.M.M.E.R”.

  3. I’m starting to believe that Disney that’s forcing Marvel to make their shows for 10 and under? The show has a lot of potential yet the juvenile dialog, sigh. Other than that, the show is entertaining.

  4. So how do they explain who Skaar is? His comic origins don’t exactly seem Disney cartoon friendly.

  5. I found this to be pretty much unwatchable and even make it through 10 minutes. I know it’s aimed at kids, but it’s too bad they couldn’t make a show that both adults and kids could watch.