Marvel’s Agent M Makes the Donuts for Captain America

In honor of Dunkin' Donuts' Captain America campaign, Ryan Penagos, Editorial Director of got to travel to Dunkin' Donuts HQ to play around in their labs, and work on the Captain America donut project. You might know Ryan as Agent_M on Twitter.

I would eat Ryan's donut.

If you've been to a Dunkin' shop lately, you'll see the place festooned with Captain America colors, and even 2 special donuts named for Steve Rogers' exploits. There's the Captain America donut, star shaped, red/white/blue frosted and filled with (vile) jelly, as well as the Stars and Stripes donut, which is basically a red frosted donut. I've had the latter, and it was a good donut, but a little more colorful. I've also had the cherry Coolatta, which is basically a high end Slurpee. I must admit that I very much enjoyed the fact that Captain America is everywhere, and it gave the snacks a novelty they don't normally have.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I really like Captain America, am looking forward to the movie, and also really like donuts.

Finally, if you're getting donuts like this, and your talk about comics for a living, you can get a receipt, because it is tax deductable, proving Mitch Hedberg wrong.

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  1. “I would eat Ryan’s donut.”

    Come on! 

  2. @ericmci  He made a donut. It looked good.

    By the way, when do you complete remedial joke training? Looks like you’re still on the early stuff. But if you keep studying, you’ll be able to make better ones in a couple years or so.

  3. I too have enjoyed Captain America being everywhere right now.

  4. Justice is delicious.  So are doughnuts.

  5. Kinda want to try that star shaped jelly donut now…this is a fun promotion!

  6. @josh I’m totally with you on the vileness of jelly donuts. The donuts in the video, however, appear to be custard/creme filled, and in my opinion there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

    I have two Dunkin Donuts within walking distance of my house. This story ends in diabetes. 

  7. HA- Well

     I am sure when I get there it will be taught by Professor Flannagan.
    Look it was just a joke and if “I would eat his donut” didn’t really make you think of anything when you typed it- then you’re either hiding from a purpseful play on words.
    Or you skipped remedial jokes and just went straight to french literature references that don’t actually apply in the context that you use them in- Oh wait- I guess you did. 

  8. I am sorry – truly if I stepped over some line here
    I honestly thought you intended the pun.


  9. @KenOchalek  Ryan was making a custom donut. If you go to the DD, and order the Cap donut, which I SO want to do, you get the jelly. It’s not american. Now Apple Pie filling? Hell yes.

  10. @josh Mitch Hedberg is never wrong. That is all.

  11. Nice Black Flag tattoo, Agent M.

  12. Dufrenes, party of two.

  13. Any day now Dunkin Donuts is going to resurrect Fred the Donut Guy from the 80’s. His mustache and Cap’s shield will make for an awesome crimefighting duo.