Marvel Solicits: Daredevil Ends, Ultimate Spider-Man #150, Alpha Flight

With November's Daredevil #512, the series will end, it seems.  Matt Murdock has run his course in Clinton Hell's Kitchen, and after Shadowland, that's all she wrote for the decades old series. Well, Marvel is calling it the FINAL ISSUE, so who knows what will actually happen? If it was the end of the series, I'm fine with taking a break for a little while.  It'll come back eventually, because it's comics, and that's what happens.

Enough of that Ultimate Comics Spider-Man nonsense! Marvel is going back to the original numbering with Ultimate Spider-Man #150. What's more, the over-size issue features the pencils are slated to be drawn by an allstar cast including none other than Skottie Young and and according to Twitter, Jamie McKelvie has a part to play as well!  There's a cover by David LaFuente and it looks as if fill in artist Sara Pichelli will be pitching in art also.

Ron alluded to some rumblings that LaFuente's time on the book might be coming to an end, which would be a shame because he's just been so good.  In fact, the title has been so good recently.  It's almost absurd how good it's been actually after so many years, so we were happy to find out that LaFuente isn't going anywhere, at least according to Bendis who previous quelled those rumors when they emerged a few weeks back.

An issue of Ultimate Spider-Man drawn by Skottie Young and Jamie McKelvie is a little bit of chocolate and peanut butter.  I can see both of them fitting in so extremely well to the world Bendis has built up that I'm very excited.  Plus, going back to the original numbering is just the right move.

We knew he had a thing for Hawkeye and Mockingbird, but insane, crazy person Jim McCann is going to send us a little love from up north, with Chaos War: Alpha Flight. So, it turns out they're not dead. But as Dr. Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, you'll get that with chaos, I suppose. You think there's any chance Ian Malcolm will be in this crossover?  A man can dream.


  1. It’s good see that they’re giving Daredevil a little breather while they figure out what to do with him.  My guess is that they’ll relaunch with a #1 featuring his replacement while he takes some time off.  When that’s over, they’ll either bring him back to that title or wait for an anniversary issue to bring back the original numbering. 

  2. I read that – I am wondering if it means final issue of Shadowland tie in. I think Marvel are being foolish to end it here, explording Daredevil as a villain would have been well worth the price of the book every month.

    Although this does of course either confirm that the Daredevil End of Days book is coming for it’s projected time of Nov/Dec OR is confirms that Diggle wasn’t kept in the loop and has just ruined Bendis’s book!

  3. Should that be USM #149? Marvel is not so good with the addition.

  4. So this will be, what, the fourth time they’ve resurrected Guardian? Seriously, it’s like he’s the Doctor Who of the Marvel universe.

  5. Well I think theu are counting the Requeim issues as one too.

    I had no doubt this was going to happen. This is the final blow in Marvel’s failed relaunch of the ultimate line. Every writer besides Bendis has made sure push it back to irrelevance again. But you know what, this book has endured through it all. This has to be as good as superhero comics get.

  6. …Eff you Marvel.

  7. Ending the series at issue at #512 is kinda of weird isn’t it? Is that number significant in any way besides being a year after the milestone 500 issue? It seems foolish to end a title thats achieved that milestone. 

    Its a weird time to try and get back into comics. It seems like every major character that you may have grown up with is undergoing some sort of weird reboot/id crisis/death or shakeup. Are publishers just having knee jerk reactions to their shrinking circulation numbers and thinking they can solve all those sales problems with what seems like constant publicity stunts?

  8. @wally its more than a year because of the stupid bimonthly schedule in the middle but nope no significance

  9. 512 bytes = 0.5 Kilobyte.

  10. Ending Daredevil… You don’t think it might be a… gasp… marketing gimick?! To be followed by an all-new, all-different Daredevil #1? And then returning to the classic numbering at 550. Then maybe a new #1 around 562, followed by a return to classic numbering at 600. Rinse. Repeat.

  11. Hey, whatever they want to do to increase sales is fine by me.  Re-number, go back to original, I don’t pay attention to covers anyway.

  12. I miss the old Matt Murdock honestly. For almost ten year Daredevil Vol.2 was probably the second most consistent comic being published but with Diggle coming on it’s been downhill. I think Marvel shouldn’t have renumbered it to begin with. RIP Daredevil. You were one of my favorites and I’ll miss you…maybe I’ll just go reread Daredevil: Yellow so I can fall in love with the character again.

  13. Sounds like the whole "screw the guy taking over Daredevil" trick was maybe too much for Diggle.

  14. You know, I think they’re being sooooo obvious about killing Matt that this might not be what happens.  Sent Murdock off to meditate for a while, have somebody else in the suit for a while to create fresh blood, then work a rejuvenated Matty back into the stories.  "Shadowland" feels more like launching something new than it feels like a farewell.  Or maybe this is just what I want to happen.

    On the other hand, Daredevil is one of the few major characters I don’t recall ever having died, so maybe Marvel has to check him off a list.

  15. Mon Dieu!! Zair is no PUCK in Alpha Flight? Merde!

  16. The OCD in me is not pleased by renumbering in comics.

  17. where’s puck eh?

  18. @ohcaroline I really doubt he’ll die. I think at the end of this Matt will get shipped off somewhere for a while or get put into a coma. something like that

  19. Murdock will die and get resurrected by The Hand, be evil for a while, then come back as a hero.

    I’m calling it now.


  20. I mentioned this on, I think, a Thor thread a few weeks ago.  they have not renumbered a book just to cancel it after the renumbering.  I don’t see them starting with Daredevil, but who knows.

  21. yeah !! Alpha Flight !! ( am I the only one that cares ??)


  22. Oh man. I really hope that LaFuente is staying on USM! He has been so awesome on that book of late. I nearly shed a tear when I heard Ron on the podcast say he was leaving.

  23. Aren’t most of the people in that USM150 picture dead?

  24. Has Diggle been screwed a little by Marvel? His first Thunderbolts issues were great, then the team was taken by bendis and he was given the dregs and now Shadowland, was it even his idea? I just can’t help but get the feeling he seems to be just writing a mandated plot outline, he’s not even the sole writer on the book anymore. With the news that he has a vertigo crime book coming out does that mean he hasnt renewed his marvel exclusive contract. The last few daredevil issues just seem very unlike Diggle, more like a guy spinning his wheels until his shift is done. A shadow of the man who had just come of a top class Hellblazer run and those promising early TBolts issues.

  25. I don’t get the impression Diggle is writing anything other than what he wants to write.

  26. I havent been on board with diggle’s writing from the get go, it seemed a big step down from Ellis’s Tbolt’s run – though i admit i stuck with the title, i was not happy when he was signed up for daredevil. I hope the book gets a new launch with a better writer, id like to see an outsider like Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa on the title, or at least some one creative who can pen a good tale!

  27. I know I’m in the minority but Daredevil has been a drag for a loooooong time.  Yeah the beginning of the Bendis run was good, then it was depressing.  Really depressing, off its meds depressing. I thought Diggle would switch it up a bit, not so much.  How about a year of meaningless Daredevil Kung-Fuing up some bad guys to bring me back to the fold.