Marvel Nabs ‘Powers’ and ‘Kabuki’ For Icon

Wow. From the “out of nowhere” category, Marvel has announced that they’ll be publishing Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s Powers and David Mack’s Kabuki under their Icon banner. What this means for Image remains to be seen. I do wonder whether this had something to do with Jim Valentino leaving, either in a cause or effect manner. Perhaps Bendis just wanted the convenience of only having one W2 come in at tax time.

Marvel’s Press Release:


Marvel Comics announces the launch of ICON, a new publishing imprint that will produce projects utilizing properties outside of the Marvel Universe.

ICON will launch with two titles fans are already familiar with: Brian Bendis’ “Powers” and David Mack’s “Kabuki.”

Marvel is not new to publishing licensed properties. It has had a successful history with such classic licenses as GI Joe and Transformers. However, Marvel, which works with the top talent in the comic industry, has long been considering ways to offer its creators a home not just for their Marvel projects, but for their other work. The new ICON imprint has been created with a mandate to pursue both these creator and licensed projects, while maintaining the highest level of talent and the brands that readers have come to expect from Marvel.

Dan Buckley, Publisher, said, “We had been considering this kind of imprint for a while before talking to Brian and David. But once we did, everything fell into place. Starting with Brian and David on Power’s and Kabuki really sets the standard for the whole line. We are very excited about this initiative, and are thrilled that Powers and Kabuki are launching it.”

Bendis offered, “We have always said that we have benefited so much from the generations of comic creators before us who worked so hard to pave the way for creator rights. We have had it so good and we are stunned that we get to help take it to the next level… Marvels first true creator-owned imprint.”

Said David Mack regarding Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief , Publisher and President of Publishing, “Bravo to Joe, Dan and Gui for making this happen!”

I guess we’ll wait to see if the books change with the publisher move. I will hope for the best.


  1. WOW
    Cha-ching for Mack. Makes sense for Bendis as he gets cozier and cozier with Marvel.

  2. I would argue that more than Joe Quesada, more than Bill Jemas, more than Dan Didio, more than *anyone*, Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for the new face of Marvel Comics.

    I’m not terribly surprised by this; and I’m all for anything that brings more exposure to POWERS, which is probably the Official Comic Book of iFanboy.

  3. “I would argue that more than Joe Quesada, more than Bill Jemas, more than Dan Didio, more than *anyone*, Brian Michael Bendis is responsible for the new face of Marvel Comics.”

    I think you’re forgetting someone. RON ZIMMERMAN

  4. Is Zimmerman still writing comics regularly? I haven’t heard his name in a while. But I’m not paying a lot of attention to the kinds of books he’d get.

  5. Apparently Newsarama will be reprinting Powers online for free as a daily strip, starting at the beginning: