Marvel Movie Odds ‘n Ends (UPDATED)

• USA Today has our first look at the Silver Surfer.

• Aint It Cool has our first look at the Iron Man logo and teaser poster.

• The first trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer hits theaters tonight, so I’m sure it will be on-line soon and when it is, we’ll bring it to you.


• Here’s the high quality trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer!


  1. I was about to send you guys that Silver Surfer pic, too.

    Here’s a pretty cool Spidey 3 image:

  2. i hope he doesnt end up looking too cheesy….the silver surfer really is pretty awesome, and it would be a shame to be at the movie watching clips from terminator 2

  3. I get to much of a “Irobot” vibe from the surfer. I suddenly expect him to hit a table and scream “I did not murder him!”

    Maybe it’s because he has pupils, I like my surfer with the plain white eyes. But that’s me, I also like my Johnny Storm to be blonde, and Sue Strom to have the same ethnic background as her brother. But that’s just me I suppose.

    Damn you Sale!

  4. So my last post got deleted and I realized that I’m on crack, I somehow got confused and put up a post for the Transformer movie (I really wanna know how that happened) Sorry about that guys. Thats what happens when you have too many windows open at once. Anyway I think this is sweet that they are actualy doing the silver surfer on a Fantastic Four movie. I’m assuming that Galaticus is going to be in it. I was lead to believe that they were going to wait till the Avengers movie came out before they did Galaticus in a storyline.

  5. HMMM… guess the comment got moved to the right board, anyway, I got to reading my last comment and what I mean by “I hope Galaticus is in it” is that I hope its a full movie not like what they did with Pirates where they ended it in the middle of the story.

  6. Is it me, or does Iron Man’s logo looks a lot like Green Lantern’s battery?

  7. 1. Silver Surfer looks awesome. Doesn’t take much, really, but I’m stoked now. After watching the first F4 movie the other night, I hope they’re a bit less cheesy with this one.

    2. As a designer, I am very underwhelmed by the Iron Man logo. Of course, the last cool comic book logo was for Morrison’s New X-Men. Ambigrams = Ambi-awesome.

  8. And yes, the chest-plate light thing on the Iron Man logo reminded me of the power battery, too.

    When are they gonna make a GL movie? Please don’t eff that up, Hollywood.

  9. So my last post got deleted and I realized that I’m on crack, I somehow got confused and put up a post for the Transformer movie (I really wanna know how that happened) Sorry about that guys.

    Nah, we just moved it to the proper discussion thread.

  10. When are they gonna make a GL movie? Please don’t eff that up, Hollywood.

    This is old, old, old and I am sure a billion times outdated, but this is how close we came to Holylwood F-ing up a GL movie:


  11. Yea I would enjoy a GL movie, but what I really would like to see is a GL/GA movie. I think it would be far better then just a stand alone GL movie

  12. I went to see Night at the Museum with my wife tonight and saw the new F 4 trailer.

    It was totally fucking awesome!!!

    Luckily my wife is into this stuff too. Shes totaly into Batman & Superman. While I’m more of a Marvel head.

    Well later guys.

  13. Yeah, I’d read both bits about Robert Smigel and JB before. C’mon. Don’t screw around with us, Hollywood.

    Speaking of movies, I’m watching War of the Roses right now and get this–I go to church with Kathleen Turner’s mom!

    Also, I’ve took this picture of Brad Pitt’s brother, who owns a computer/networking business in SPFD:,-Doug.jpg

    I’m awesome!

  14. (Note: Because I’m a photog and not a reporter, I don’t proof my writing enough. Sorry for the grammatical error.)

  15. And speaking of a GL movie…

    While watching the Prestige, I couldn’t help but thinking that Christian Bale would have made a pretty good Hal Jordan if he wasn’t already busy being Bruce Wayne (I’m watching Batman Begins now). Looks like he could be a test pilot…

  16. Speaking of Marvel and other media, did anybody else see this clip of Stan Lee on “To Tell the Truth”? I can’t believe he ever looked like that. I literally did not think any of those guys were him until I heard him speak.

    (I also can’t believe how stupid the panelists’ questions are.)

  17. the silver surfer uses the power cosmic to change terminater toys into silver surfer toys!!!!

  18. JAJAJA! HE CAME TO EARTH ON A MISSION!!!! How corny was that video…let’s hope this movie it’s not a remake.

  19. I also went to see a Night at the Museum last night as well and the trailer is going to blow you guys away.

    *Trailer Spoiler coming*

    Ok, it starts with a shot of Reed and Sue at the alter at an outside wedding . Johny and Bem are there and lots of people. There is a disturbance and Reed tooks st Johny. Torchie says ” I’m on it.” and jumps into the sky and flames on. He is flying through the streets at high speed when he suddenly sees the Surfer causing havok and zooming off. ” Cool!” says Johny. He flys after the Surfer. There is an exciting chase scene untill the Surfer suddenly stops , turns around, and grabs the Torch by the neck. He then zooms upward into the upper atmosphere with johny still in his grasp. Once he is up high enough we can see the stars he siply discards the Torch and turns and sufs off out of frame. Then the title comes up The Fantasic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer.

    I was literally wowed and wide eyed.
    I cannot wait.
    (And at least we don’t have to suffer through the worst possible imagining of Doom anyone could have dreamed of ..again)

  20. Ok I am now the official typo-king!.. ( God I just looked back over that .. WHERE IS MY EDIT BUTTON !?! ) 😛

  21. If anyone’s still reading this, the trailer is up on Looks pretty good.

  22. If you can, watch it in HD. The Johnny/Surfer chase is pretty badass. The acting in the beginning – not so much.

  23. With all due respect to the film that trailer was SMOKIN HOT!

  24. Based on the action and visuals in the trailer, FF2 has the makings of the best silent film since Phantom Menace.

    (I’m telling you, if the Episode I DVD had a music-only track, you’d still know exactly what was going on and like it a lot more.)

  25. Ok, say what you will about the FF Movies so far, but first I will disclose that I enjoyed the first one immensely and bought it on DVD. Sure it had its flaws, but name one comic book movie that hasn’t.

    That said, this trailer was great! I just watched the HD version and the big concern with how the Surfer looks was resolved, he looks dead on. I know they’re gonna wuss out of Galactus, but that’s a given. I’ll be there opening night for this.

  26. Have they cast Wonder Woman yet?

    I watched The Descent last night. Great film! I don’t know if Natalia Mendoza, who played Juno, has the acting chops, but she certainly has the physicality to play Wonder Woman. What do you guys think?

    I also like Kristana Loken.

  27. I was underwhelmed by the first FF movie, but I saw the trailer for 2 this morning and I thought the Surfer looked amazing. I loved it, but then…yeah no one but Johnny really talked so I have yet to see if they’re going to be as annoying as they were in the first film. Great trailer though.

  28. I know this has nothing to do with the subject but I just saw the FF2 movie trailer on and wow that looked really cool. I didn’t like the first one at all but this trailer rocked.

  29. Here’s a minute long clip from the upcoming animated Invincible Iron Man flick. I just dunno…can’t figure out what to think of it, yet.

    Also, I saw an add offering both Ultimate Avengers and the Invincible Iron Man flicks together…..WITH a mini-bust of Iron Man.

  30. It seems like marvel is always at the forefront of art in the books but the Avengers movies and this Iron Man movie are at the ass end of animation. thay should team up with pixar or something and make the most kick ass cartoon ever. At least the movies should look more like the books from today not japanese cartoons from the 70’s.