Marvel MMO: Things Just Get Weird

Remember a few years back when the MMO City of Heroes came out and Marvel sued them for making characters able to look like Marvel characters? Well, Cryptic Studios, the studio behind City of Heroes has been announced as the developer of the Marvel Universe Online, Marvel’s entry into the MMO gaming space.

Like I need another way to waste precious time? But this would fulfill my childhood dreams of being in the X-Men…

With a DC MMO in development, the same questions arise, will you create your own characters or can you be a Marvel U. character? Or will the Marvel U. characters be NPCs? Curious indeed…


  1. There were ahell of alot of intials in there that I had no idea what they meant. LOL, but I got the message…

  2. It’ll probably be Xbox 360 and PC only though… and I own neither.

  3. Anyone looking forward to the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game coming out in a couple weeks?

    If you liked X-Men Legends 1 and 2 I don’t see why you wouldn’t like this.

  4. Yeah I am going to be getting the Ultimate Alliance game. I pre-ordered it and supposedly I will be given a ultra secret code that will allow me to unlock Silver Surfer when I pick up the game. I’m sure that code will be available within a few days online so there is probably no benefit, but cool anyway.

    I have never played a MMORPG so I don’t know if I will like the Marvel game or not.

  5. MMORPGs will suck the life right out of you.

    This one took away all of 2005:

  6. I’m a recovering WoW player. I still yearn for that game on occasion.

  7. I highly doubt we can be Marvel U characters. It’ll probably be just. like. City of Heroes.

    Which, sadly, sucked away more of my life than World Of Warcraft. :O

  8. If its like City of Heroes I won’t even play it. I want to be a Marvel U character!

  9. It’s not possible to be a marvel character 🙁

    There’s not that many for the amount of people who would be playing!

  10. I can’t be Darkhawk? Then I will make my own version…Shadedsparrow, nah…Gloomypigeon, nah… Unenlightenedfinch, nah… suggestions anyone?

  11. I’d give a suggestion, but Ron would end up punching me on Friday.

  12. Is it confirmed that all Marvel heroes are off the table? Because� I mean� what’s the point? That’s just City of Heroes with Wolverine standing in the town square handing out powers instead of Whatshername NPC.

    Not that that wouldn’t be cool, too. I liked CoH and would still be playing if my old PC had handled it better.

    Even if you can’t be the Hulk, the Marvel connection could be fun in plenty of other ways. Maybe your character will be Nobody McScrubbington, but he/she will be given missions in the game as a chance to, say, enroll at Xavier’s school or join the Avengers or something. I’m pretty sure that’s how Jack of Hearts got on.

  13. There was speculation that they might get comic creators to play as the more prominent characters.

    Honestly, if I can’t be a Marvel character, I won’t be picking it up. No point really. Even if it’s a second tier character (I’d fight you for DH, Dave, if Speedball is taken), then that’d be ok… But creating your own characters would suck. I mean, they’d have a bunch of different servers, so maybe that’s how they’d divvy it up. Or maybe there’s a point total or something.

    If not, then if you play be prepared to see more Wolverines and Spidermans than you thought was possible.

  14. Well there has to be more than one Wolverine in the Marvel Universe, he is in like seven different books. Spider-Clones anyone? As far as Darkhawk. There is only one. I will battle anyone in early 90’s Marvel trivia to use the character.

    Actually, I have a Mac at home and I don’t have an XBox so I doubt I would play. Although, depending on when it comes out, this game could weigh on whether my next computer is a PC or a Mac.

  15. You can put windows on a mac now. If you want a mac, stick with a mac, cuz you’ve got the option.

    I’m having nothing to do with any Marvel MMO. I’m a recovering WoW addict as well. Fortunately, I did the trial of City of Villains, but I couldn’t sort out the controls before I got annoyed trying to figure it out.

  16. I wish Marvel would make a game LESS like legends and MORE like Freedom Force. I would rather have that than a MMO.

  17. Speaking of Crossover MMORPG, you should check the latest south park episode. MAKE LOVE, NOT WARCRAFT….Hilarious. I’ve never played a MMORPG, but heard on the christmas podcast that world of warcraft sucked the hours out of you. This episode was made with the help of Blizzard…kinda offtopic.

  18. What if you have somebody with the same name as a Marvel character, but different abilities. Like a guy named “The Shocker” who can tuck in his ring finger to create a hand gesture appropriate for both rock concerts and tender moments?

  19. I didn’t play CoH very long, but when I did my character was named RoboAquaLincoln. The only bad thing about him is that they didn’t have a big black hat as an accessory option.

    I thought “The Shocker” involved the index and middle finger, the pinky, and the thumb moving in a circular motion but maybe I’m thinking of something else…

  20. In case you haven’t seen it:

  21. Would a “Civil War” video game be great, or would it be the greatest? Or am I just looking for a way to punch Iron Man on some primal level?

  22. A Civil War MMORPG? It would make things interesting if it ends up you have to make your own character. You would decide if you want to be registered or not. Quests and gameplay would occur based on that decision.

    A fighting game would probably be the most logical transition for Civil War, though it would probably be the least fun. It is a hero vs. hero story.

    It would depend on how they adapted the story to a gaming format. There are so many bad superhero video games out there. The concept of CW isn’t so especially good that it could over come bad gameplay.

    Does anyone remember the Avengers and the X-Men Arcade games? Those were awsome! Although Cap and Iron now fight against each other and Vision and Hawkeye are dead. Er…wow how could I forget… Hawkeye isn’t dead, but he isn’t an Avenger anymore.

  23. It’s got an epic brother against brother storyline but it would have to end eventually right? That would kind of run counter to the mmo concept right? By the way, the Marvel mmo is the only one that I’ve ever considered playing so maybe they’re onto something. I’ve always considered them to be ridiculous time-sucks before now.

  24. I have never played a MMORPG either. I considered City of Heroes, but never went for it. I would probably give the Marvel game a chance, for a couple of months. My main concern is that I don’t have the time to put into building my character. I don’t want to spend the small amount of time I get to play video games, killing rats. I guess in this game it would be killing doombots?