Marvel Gives Free ‘New Avengers’ Comic to U.S. Troops

Over the next two weeks, Marvel will distribute a free 36 page comic of The New Avengers to U.S. troops.

The New Avengers: Letters Home, a 36-page comic, features patriotic hero Captain America working with the Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider and the Punisher when his regular teammates are away for the holidays.

Now, I’m really trying hard not to be cynical here, and my first instinct is to say, “Hey, that’s good of Marvel. Way to go!” Then I realize that those three guest characters will all be appearing in movies or DVDs in the near future.

Then there’s this part they chose to focus on:

“Due to their limited availability, collectors have historically shown great interest in these special AAFES/Marvel Comics editions,” said the Army and Air Force Exchange Service chief of staff, Col. Max Baker. “If the past is any indicator, ‘The New Avengers: Letters Home’ issue should go quickly.”

Now, they’re printing about a million copies, according to the article, but they’re trying to goose a speculation market out of these? Some days, I try to warm my cold heart, and the world doesn’t help.

I do hope some soldiers get some enjoyment out of these books, and I hope they’re at least well done. Has anyone seen one, or know who the creative team is?


  1. Wow, what a strange quartet of heroes!

    (Okay, I gotta knock this cynicism out of me before the weekend.)

  2. Yup…sounds like another “winner” to me….

    Them again I saw the previous Marvel Specials like this…They were decent.

  3. Now I think sending gifts to the troops over seas is a great idea, but I have read that this particular comic is really bad. I was going to send some trades to this site…

    …and I have heard of others. When you go into the comic store today, buy a couple extra issues and send them to one of these organizations. Tis the season for giving.

  4. This is really cool. I’ve posted this before but check out this article on Operation Comics Relief at

    I have the first New Avengers one and it’s signed by Bendis. nice

  5. Well, let me ask this. What do people think about doing an iFanboy book drive?

    We’ll have you guys send us all the old trades and issues you can spare, and we’ll talk to a group like this, and do it all at once.

    Would anyone be interested in that?

  6. Hey, I’m active duty Navy; so how do I get one?

  7. i’m in

  8. Count me in.

  9. That’s a GREAT idea. I know I got some stuff I would be happy to part with. I’m totally in.

  10. Count me in too

  11. That’s not crass cynicism, that’s corporate synergy!

  12. Cool. Let me think about how to implement this, and then probably after the holiday, I’ll post on here, and mention it on the podcast, and we’ll get this going.

    Thanks guys.

  13. I got a 2 for the price of one on a previous New Avengers military only special and I wasn’t extremely impressed by it. Kinda meh.

    So, if anyone wants one . . . 🙂

    And I’d be in for the book drive!

  14. I have a bunch of old Spider-man trades and recent comics I can give up for the cause. I mean 3-15 bucks to bring them some enjoyment, why not.

  15. Trades? Hrmmm… Why not!

    My comic shop is moving and has a ton of books for $5.00, I think I’ll grab some to contribute!

  16. Oh, yeah, this is ironic. Because I predict that New Avengers #26 is this Week’s POW!

  17. I am in the Military, and Marvel does this twice a year. They give them away at the exchange (Where we shop).

  18. Does anyone think the first Invincible trade would be in bad taste? What with the high-school-kids being-turned-into-bombs plot.

  19. What with the high-school-kids being-turned-into-bombs plot.

    Just say spoiler next time, please. Still haven’t read the book. Getting it for Christmas (hopefully).

  20. Oh…sorry… there is lots of other stuff that is more significant than that one plot point. I am sure you will still be able to enjoy it.

  21. Oh I’m sure there are. I Just wanted to make sure the buck stopped there, was all. ; – )

  22. Yeah that Bad Taste thing is a hard thing to get past, because I have a few trades I’d love to give, just for the fact to get people to read them…but am not sure of the overall reaction (ie. Preacher, DMZ, Walking Dead). So I guess I have some more Bone to give to out in all it’s glory.

  23. Hey guys let me know when you’re ready to go on the Comics Relief thing. I picked up some extra issues last night and I ordered a few trades that will be in the Wednesday after next.

  24. Yeah, I have some stuff ready too. I took my nephew with me to the comic store, he picked out some comics to send and I have some trades to send. Jonah Hex, the Lone Ranger, and Green Arrow were some of the picks he made. It seems like he has iFanboy taste. Oh, and he picked out one of those Ducktales trades for himself.

  25. Yea, I have a softcover editions of Watchmen, Kingdom Come, and Daredevil: Guardian Devil, as well as Captain America: Red Menace vol. 1, Daredevil: Underboss vol. 4, Ultimate Annuals vol. 1, and then Spider Man’s Greatest Villains (Spidey fights Mysterio, Venom, Vulture, Kingpin, Hobgoblin, Electro, Carnage and Doc Ock, ranging from 1964 – 1994). I’ll probably pick up another trade or two after Christmas (the rush is too crazy right now).

  26. Hey guys. Thanks for all this, and I’ll post about it next week. So just hang on to everything, and I’ll let you know how we’ll proceed after I get back from Maine, which is where I’m going right now.

    Thanks everyone, and have a great holiday. I don’t have a computer up there, so I’ll talk to you all later.

  27. By any chance, have you talked to anyone yet?

  28. working on it.

  29. I’m in for the book drive, too. Can’t wait.

  30. Me, too. Great idea.

  31. Picked up a few more books today. Figured some troops would probably dig the Ultimates series, right? 😉