Mark Millar seems out of place on ‘This Morning’

I think this is a bit old, but I found it both awkward and amusing enough to share. Millar was part of a panel on This Morning on the “Curse of Superman”, and I’m not really sure why he was there, and I don’t think anyone else knew either. Then you put on an American radio guy, and he won’t shut up.

Apparently Richard Pryor also died because of his involvement in a really bad Superman movie.

I really feel bad for Mark, since he’s the only one who really knows anything on the subject, he gets all dressed up, and they just don’t care that he’s there.


  1. I think it should be noted that the very first comment Millar makes involves beer. A true scot.

    +1 Millar

  2. That’s not the curse of superman, it’s the curse of comics in general. When mainstream media refers to comics it’s always the stupidest aspect of the medium.

    All that’s missing is the canned laughter on this show.

    $150, indeed buy a lot of beer.

  3. Totally out of place.

    That one guy there wouldn’t shut up.

  4. Would have been nice to hear what Mark would have said. Pretty sure it would have been very cool, and with that accent it would have sounded cool too.

  5. Yeah this is an old clip, when this was new Mark Millar posted a bit about it on his boards talking about how he was delayed for a long time at the airport so he got a little drunk before the taping of the show. So according to Millar, this is why he was a little bit less “charming” than his usual self.

  6. Yea I love how the radio guy totally blows Millar’s spot on the first question. I guess htis came out round the time Millar did his Superman: Red Son story?

  7. They are talking about the immenent release of Superman Returns so I’d say it aired within the last six months.

  8. I really really hate Richard and Judy (the two hosts on that show). They make me ashamed to be English. They are really terrible hosts, completely uncharismatic and unintelligent, yet they still somehow manage to get good guests. I cringe whenever I think of american actors/celebrities who I know are intelligent and interesting people being told by their agents that they have an interview on English TV, and then when they get on the show they are subjected to a questioning from a couple of drivelling fools.

  9. I’m sure that’s how we feel about our morning news shows as well. I can’t imagine that a lot of comic fans are big into the Today Show.

    Sidenote: I was interviewed for GMTV about GW Bush, because I know the Los Angeles producer for the show, and he didn’t want to go out and find anyone, so he just used me. So basically, I bashed the president for all the UK to enjoy.

  10. So when are they making the official announcement that you’ve joined the Dixie Chicks? *Wink*

  11. If only they’d take me….


  12. It’s not that old actually. It aired around the same time as Superman Returns, so end of June is my guess

    I love Gambacinni’s comment about a script proposal of the life of George Reeves doing the rounds in Hollywood. Erm, yeah, that would in the form of a full trailer for the finished film starring Ben Affleck, Adrien Brody and Bob Hoskins then would it? Twit!

    Gamabacinni used to own a comic shop with Jonathan Ross in Soho, London and he does know his comics, but my god he’s annoying.

  13. Old is a relative term on the internet.