Marc Bernardin Joins STATIC SHOCK Creative Team with Issue #7

Static Shock #2

DC Comics announced this morning that former Entertainment Weekly writer Marc Bernardin will take over for the departing John Rozum as writer on Static Shock.

A staff writer for SyFy’s Alphas TV series, Bernardin is no stranger to comics, having previously scripted issues of The Authority and The Highwaymen for Wildstorm.

Bernardin has expressed an emphasis on Virgil Hawkin’s “teen tragedies” balancing super heroics with schoolwork, dating and family life.

He joins artist Scott McDaniel with issue #7, due out in March.


  1. This is at least somewhat exciting news. I love the character, always have, but the first two issues haven’t exactly been the most grabbing, especially up against a lot of the other new 52 books. Of course, if Bernardin can’t bring some excitement to the character, I’ll sadly be dropping.

  2. I’m still not gonna pick it up.

  3. At least I know the series is going to get past issue 6 .