Makes Comics AND Makes Music

We all know about Gerard Way coming from My Chemical Romance to write Umbrella Academy. We know about Coheed and Cambria's Claudio Sanchez doing Amory Wars for BOOM! Studios. Recently, Tom Morello announced Orchid, a book he's writing for Dark Horse. But what about those folks who already make comics, but make and perform music on the side? There are lots of them.

Andy Kuhn (Firebreather)performed live in San Diego, just him and an acoustic guitar.


Kuhn normally performs with his group, The Fuglees. That's him on bass and vocals.


Here's Marvel's Joe Quesada, filling in on guitar with Kirby Krackle, singing about Tony Stark.


There's Matt Sturges (House of Mystery, Jack of Fables) holding down the bassline, and breaking it down.


Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim) produces music under the name of Kupek.


Charles Soule (27) of the aptly named Charles Soule Band, obviously has an affinity for music.


Mike Allred (Madman, iZombie) is well known for his affinity for tunes, and has played with his band, The Gears for a good long while.


Who could forget Marvel's Nextwave theme song, as sung by Marvel editor Nick Lowe?


Also in the Marvel editorial staff, here's Jordan D. White on ukulele.


Ethan Van Sciver sings and plays piano on his "Wolverine is Gay."


Finally, here's Matthew Southworth (Stumptown) playing solo at Emerald City Comic Con, and he's kind of fantastic.


That's not even close to definitive. Paul Pope is a well known DJ. Terry Moore (Rachel Rising, Strangers in Paradise) was a musician for a very long time. James Kolchalka, Nate Powell, and others have rocked the mic. Joe Casey has a whole alternate rock 'n roll life in his now defunct band the Sellouts, also featuring plenty of comics folks in its lineup, like the aforementioned Southworth, Doctor Who penciller Matthew Dow Smith at another time, and even featuring a young guitar player, filling in on bass for a few gigs.


  1. Hey! I know that guy!

  2. Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving both play too

  3. Don’t forget Alan Moore! 

  4. Doug Ten Napel’s band Truck has opened for U2.

  5. Nate Powell’s band universe put out a great album last year.

  6. @NawidA  i was surprised he wasnt on the list. the song he did for that north hampton music  awareness thing was great.alan moore the rock star.

  7. I remember the first time I saw Warren Ellis’ name on a comic and thinking the violin player from The Bad Seeds & The Dirty Three writes comics? Awesome! Then I found out they were two different people. Right?

  8. @Thechangingman Yes, 2 different people.

  9. With only two issues left, ifanboy finally mentions Sturges’s House of Mystery!

  10. Totally missed out on showcasing the pony tail….

  11. Al Columbia

  12. James Kolchalka Superstar is such a good band!!!