Lucas is Bleeding Me Dry

Remember how excited you were when you plunked down your 50 bucks (or however much it was) for the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD?

Except that we all groaned that it was the tweaked “Special Edition” versions? And we’ve been making jokes about how Lucas has made his fortune on our willingness to buy every version they put out? (At last count I have purchased the trilogy four times so far, counting the various VHS versions in the 90s).

Well, either they finally heard all our whining about the original versions or its time to buy some new flannel shirts. Lucasfilm is releasing the original, unaltered versions of the Star Wars Trilogy this September. There goes another 50 bucks.

Come on, like you’re NOT going to buy it?


  1. I am not going to buy it. Well, I do not have any plans to buy it. The only Star Wars film that I have bought was The Phantom Menace when it came out on VHS. It is the last VHS movie that I will ever buy. Tape is dead to me.

    Same thing with the Lord of the Rings movies, I bought the first two but never took them out of the plastic wrap so after year I sold them to a used DVD store.

    The Marvel movies are a different story. The only two that I have not bought are Elektra and Fantastic Four. I will be buying Fantastic Four in the near future, I’ve been waiting to get it at a good price. Has anyone seen the Director’s Cut of Daredevil? It is much better than the original with glaring plot holes patched up quite nicely.

  2. Damn you, Neck!

    I might as well give him the routing number to my checking account at this point.

  3. George Lucas is lucky I even bought a ticket to that last POS he called a movie.

    He’ll get no more money from me for remarketing the same movies over and over. Especially after he basically destroyed the legacy with these last three movies.

  4. I have two points to make.

    1. Revenge of the Sith was fun and entertaining.

    2. I don’t agree with the idea that the original movies are somehow “tainted”. They are still there, they still exist. They are still good movies. The only way they would be tainted is if he went to everybody’s house and destroyed their copies.

  5. 1. No way

    2. I don’t know about tainted, but I’m really glad I never got that Star Wars tattoo I wanted.

  6. 1. I’m with Conor, Ep3 entertained me, was the best of the prequels – but I never had the same level of expectation for the prequels as the Trilogy.

    2. I would still get the Star Wars tattoo I’ve always wanted since 1993 with pride…if I were to get any tattoos at all 🙂

  7. So now Conor has an international criminal record for nothing…

  8. I’ll buy this set just so that I can get the original unaltered trilogy. Han shoots first and all that stuff. I skipped going to see Ep3 and haven’t felt compelled to rent it and watch it yet.

  9. So now Conor has an international criminal record for nothing…

    Yes, that’s the first thing I thought of.

  10. Lucas is going to owe you a few cavity searches. Maybe he can make it up in Ewok pelts.

  11. I have loved Star Wars since I was four, but over the years Lucas has slowly been killing it for me. The Special Editions were neat, but:
    1. Han does not shoot first
    2. The scene in Jabba’s Palace needs to go.
    So I might buy the original, but part of the orginal magic is gone with George Lucas trying to always make money from me. The fans kept Star Wars alive in the late 80s and early 90s. So stop trying to screw us with these little changes that cost so much money.

  12. Man, I wish I’d known they were gonna do this before I bought the trilogy boxed set. I much prefer the original versions. I think that CGI is overused in movies and can often spoil a film, but it certainly has its place. That place is not in films pre-dating CGI however, having a load of CGI elements in Star wars really stands out because the rest of the film still shows its age.

    This is something I thought I’d never see happen. Next thing Lucasfilm will be releasing the Christmas Special on DVD.

  13. I think that this figure will look nice on the mantle next to the Kevin Smith figure.;_ylt=AntmdEXFawReB_G7QimP.l.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3YXYwNDRrBHNlYwM3NjI-

    ‘Star Wars’ Creator Becomes Storm Trooper

    Thu May 4, 11:46 AM ET

    LOS ANGELES – Not that long ago, in a nearby galaxy, George Lucas joined forces with the dark side. The “Star Wars” creator has become a Storm Trooper.

    Hasbro, maker of “Star Wars” toys, is paying plastic tribute to Lucas, interpreting him as a limited-edition action figure in Storm Trooper attire.

  14. Leia: “Aren’t you a little fat to be a Stormtrooper?”

    the Neck: “Huh? Oh, the uniform. My name is George Lucas and I’m here to eat you, uhm erg, I mean make billions off your likeness, oh that’s not it. Faster! More Intense! I’m here to rescue you!”

  15. oh shit, that’s funny.

  16. I saw a quote from Carrie Fisher once that was awesome. She said something like ‘We all sold our likenesses to George before the first movie, i think I have to pay him a dollar every time i look in the mirror’. George has definitely milked that investment in 70’s, and made one hell of a smart move when he kept all the rights. If anyone here doesnt think they would have pushed it this far to make money they are lying.

    And Conor is right, Episode 3 was good.

  17. Sorry, I can’t agree. I don’t think Episode 3 was good. It was cheesy and still maintains the trend of a bad acting, weak plot and overused CGI. The acting wasn’t as bad, but there’s more chemistry between me and the girl that checks me out at the coffee shop that there ever was between Portman and Christensen.

    But I’m glad you liked it.

  18. This is probably a good time to mention that they’ll rerelease it all again in HD in like a year and a half.

  19. Shhh…. thinking about that (and the thought of replacing every other DVD I own) makes me want to go lay down in the fetal position.

  20. We’re getting the original original trilogy! There is a Lucas! Maybe those silly online petitions really do work . . .

    This is great news, I’m very impressed that this is happening. And what’s more, they’re releasing them individually, so you can buy only the ones you want. Anyone else running out to the used DVD stores to sell their original trilogy while it might still be worth something? 🙂

  21. Its about damn time! I guess my stubborness has finally paid off. I had refused to buy the “special edition” dvd because I was holding out. Now I can laugh in the face of all the people I know that told me it would be a long wait. They said it would be years. To them I say “In yo face sucka! IN..YO..FACE! HAHA!” Whoa, sorry bout that. Everything just went dark.

  22. Oh god those bottom three would be cool. The ROTJ one is just like the towel I’ve had (and used) since 1983. Great f’n towel!