‘Lost Girls’ Found at Wal-Mart

I saw this mentioned over at Lying in the Gutters, but just found it fascinating that Wal-Mart has listed Alan Moore’s upcoming pornographic graphic novel, Lost Girls on their website. This book has been getting a whole lot of press, but I’m not sure if it’s deserved, other than being a sexually graphic book. And if it was anyone other than Alan Moore, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

So, is anyone planning to get this? Curious? It’s a hefty price tag for a piece you might not want to leave on the coffee table. Sure, I’d like to check it out, maybe flip through it, because it’s an unexpected direction for Moore’s career to take, and I just want to know what it’s about.

It’s most likely that this will be in a lot of half-off bins in a year or so. Plus, it might have additional uses!


  1. It’s already on my Amazon Wish List.

  2. $70!?!? This better be one dame sexy book

  3. Sexy’s one word you could use.

  4. 264 pages… hardcover… $47.25 at Amazon… not too shabby for Alan Moore.

  5. Btw, there are times when I suspect that there are more things IN Conor’s wishlist than there are OUT of Conor’s wishlist.

  6. This is quite possibly true. My Amazon obsession is akin to a 15 year old girl and myspace.

  7. Isn’t it interesting?: Alan Moore got so upset about the way Hollywood took V For Vendetta and messed with it for their own purposes (there’s no such thing as “eggy in a basket!” outrage!), and yet at least half the Alan Moore books I can think of consist of him taking someone else’s characters and f—ing with them. Usually literally. He has some pretty strong opinions about creator’s rights for a man who had Mr. Hyde sodomize the Invisible Man to death.

  8. Except that those characters are in the public domain, not current copyrights. Granted, Moore doesn’t own most of those copyrights, DC does. And he’s probably crabby about that.

    While I agree that Moore got a little nitpicky about the movie details, specifically the one you said, I think what upsets him most is that the movies glossed over the theme of what he was trying to say. V for Vendetta specifically had a different overall theme than the book did, if not slightly, but enough to change it.

    Also, when Moore writes that scene with Hyde and the Invisible Man (which was awesome, btw) he’s not changing the general public perceptions of those characters, where if they make a movie of From Hell, more people will know the movie than the book. Now I would say he shouldn’t have sold From Hell in the first place, but that’s done already.

    You bring up a good point, in that it is ironic, but using themes and characters from the literary past isn’t the same as making an untrue adaptation of a specific work.

  9. Yeah, the V movie was plenty for a creator to get upset about; makes a man nostalgic for “LXG.” Still, I wonder if Moore’d have felt any better knowing they were still going to make V a liberal with eggy baskets, but only after having the courtesy to wait until he was dead.

    All of this is just me attempting to rationalize my initial, primal reaction, “Oh no! Not Dorothy!”

  10. Clearly Dorothy was asking for it.

  11. Haha, wow. I’d probably bet money that some parent will get in a rage and throw a fit because his or her 10 year old son or daughter picked it up and looked through it.

    I think it’s dangerous too put something so graphic into a largely public outlet. Sure, it may have deeper meaning then girls having sex, but many people won’t look past that. Plus, we’ve had a helluva lotta controversy in the past few years regarding the Hot Coffee in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and the recent nude-mod in The Eleder Scrolls IV: Oblivion….so a reaction is almost guaranteed.

  12. That’s assuming the book is actually stocked in brick and mortar Wal-Marts and not just sold on-line. I can’t imagine it’s actually sold at the stores.

  13. No, I can’t imagine they’ll do that either, but still, they must have no idea what the contents are therein.

    Which is awesome.

  14. UPDATE: Try clicking on the Wal Mart Link now:


  15. Oh, well – they caught on.