Los Angeles, I’m Yours

If you paid any attention to the comic folks from Los Angeles on Twitter yesterday, you’d have known about Earth-2 Comics.  It turns out that our buddy Geoff Johns, (who “loves” iFanboy, by the way), is now part owner of the new store in Northridge, CA (waaay out in the northwest valley).  Yesterday, there was a big event, with Johns running the register and plenty of comics talent in tow, celebrating his vertical integration. 

Because when Johns is running the place, you can get guys like Brian K. Vaughan, Jeph Loeb, James Robinson, Zeb Wells, Philip Tan, Sterling Gates, and even Joe Casey, who managed not to wreck the place.  Thanks to Archaia’s Mel Caylo for all his great updates on the event.  It was almost like I was there, except for not being there at all.

If you’re in LA, I’d keep my eye on their calendar for what will likely be some great appearances in the future.

Here are a bunch of pictures of the shindig from CBR.

But that’s not all.  If you’re still in the valley in a couple of weeks (God help you), stop in at Collector’s Paradise (my old shop!) in Winnetka for the launch of Top Cow’s Berserker #1, written by Rick Loverd (Friday Night Lights) with art from Jeremy Haun.  For some reason, Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) is involved, as some sort of producer.  The good news is, you can ask him what his role is in person on Saturday June 28 at the shop from 12-3. Or you can just have the creative teams sign your book.

Here’s a little trailer for the event.

I think if there’s anything I miss about LA, other than the best cheap Mexican fast food in the world, it’s the great comics shop and creative community.  Granted, I didn’t know any of those guys back then, but still, they were there!


  1. I was hoping someone would link to those pictures.

    Great song, btw. Just finished listening to it actually. Such weird coincidences the internet brings into our lives.

  2. Sorrym just assumed you had linked to these. Saw em yesterday and thought they were pretty cool. Live photo updates from the event.


  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Can we go ahead and declare The Decemberists the official band of iFanboy? Please.  

    The closest I’ve been to an ins-store appearance at a Philly comic shop? Well, one of the places downtown has cats.   


  4. Thanks Anson.  Linked.

  5. @Paul. I’m comfortable with that declaration. How much support do we need to make it official?

  6. So cool!!

  7. awesome…thanks for the heads up

  8. Very cool.  I think it would be interesting to go to a shop partially owned by a comic creator.  I wonder if it would have a different sort of feel to it or not.

  9. Sunday we were looking at houses in Simi Valley so I of course made sure there was a nearby comic shop.  I wasn’t too worried because it’s just a short hop to Northridge where I knew Golden Apple had a store… but I remembered some article about them selling.  Got home (not everyone has an iPhone) and Googled and learned of the above grand opening just the day before.  D’oh!  Ah well, there will be many future opportunities for in store greatness, I’m sure.   And now I can make the move with no worries.

  10. Bummed that I was out of town for this. Earth-2 is my regular shop (although, I go to the original location, not the one where this event took place). I can say that the Earth-2 guys are great retailers, and i love the shop(s). We are very spoiled with great shops here in LA. 🙂

  11. How long until people will swarm to that place with weird questions for the creators visiting the store?