Looks Like I’m VLOGHOT… Sorta…

As some of you have been aware, Valleywag has been having a contest to identify the “hottest” video bloggers. Last week was the semi-finals, and I was poised to enter the finals this week, until the corruption of the contest was revealed and they ended it. Whew.

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for all three of us, we were really flattered and appreciate the support and even prouder of the fact that there was no corruption associated with iFanboy (that we were aware of).

I’m just happy that I got more votes than Jonathan London of Geekscape in the semi-finals. Ha! Suck it J.Lo!


  1. I clicked on the “Corruption” link but it didn’t lead me to the story. Can you fill us in on this scandal?

    the Tiki

  2. Hmm, they pulled the post down for some reason..
    It’s really not that interesting, turns out one of the boyfriend of one of the women nominated wrote a script that allowed for massive voting and then made the script public..there was some speculation of that occuring in some of the other heats as well.

  3. Yeah, like that one guy in the other semi-final who suddenly and out of nowhere got 10,000 votes…



  4. Here is the original text:

    Vlog Hot: Hacked!

    “Sport spirit does not have this number here anyhow no more.” So true, those words, as written by Katrin Bauerfeind fan “codemonk” and badly if poignantly translated from the German by Babelfish. This refers to a Bauerfeind partisan (commenter “votekatrin”) in our Vlog Hot poll who was so determined to see his gal win that he wrote a script to hack the totals, auto-submitting multiple votes per day by gaming the IP address. He/she even offered the script for download to interested parties. Thus our amusement-only poll is rendered even more superfluous than it might have been otherwise, if such can be imagined. The only fair thing to do, of course, is to suspend the poll and declare no winner, since all the heats are suspect at this point. And by nobody wins, we mean everybody wins!

    It’s hardly cricket to negate all the vlogger vote-stumping and sincere viewer appreciation, despite the corruption introduced by a bad apple or two. Therefore, everyone who made it to the semifinals gets to “win.” Unfortunately, it turns out that lovely acrylic statuette requires an actual visit to the mall-based hell of Glamour Shots, so we can’t make good on that prize. So just for simplicity’s sake, anyone who made it into the semifinal rounds (all 16 of you) can choose from having the photo of your choice (you, your cat, your pet cactus, whatever) imprinted on either a deck of playing cards or a pillowcase, which are the two cheesiest gift options offered by the Kodak Easyshare Gallery. If you’re one of the semifinalists, email the high-resolution photo of your choice, plus your preferred shipping address for your lovely parting gift, to tips@valleywag.com. Sorry this exercise in the democratic process ultimately broke down, but that’s the Internet for you. Due congratulations and thanks to all our fine contestants.

  5. So handsome Ron, what’re you getting on the deck of playing cards/pillowcase?

  6. I am waiting for the sexy Ifanboy Calender. 4 months for each of our hosts (each one has their own sexy “season” shot)…

    …did I just say that out loud or did I think it? Dear Lord I hope I just thought.

    the Tiki 🙂

  7. So basically someone wrote a script that voted constantly for them and racked up their vote count.

    And yet Ron did not have anything like that…and he still was in the running…

    Quite impressive…. 🙂

  8. Good God Tiki!!!! No offense guys but an ifanboy pinup calendar would be seriously disturbing!!!

  9. Good God Tiki!!!! No offense guys but an ifanboy pinup calendar would be seriously disturbing!!!

    Not for everyone, clearly. 🙂

  10. I have a calendar of myself.


    Shouldn’t have said that.

  11. ahahahahhah wow that was weird but extremely funny!!!!

  12. Ron. I hate when these things happen. The sport suffers. It cheapens the game. And not just for the pros like yourself, because really its the kids that suffer. The little vloggers at home dreaming of being Ron or Josh, or dreamy guy that might have beat Ron had the contest been allowed to continue.

    So Conor, who is your pick in the Tournament?

  13. what is the world coming to when even superficial popularity contests are suspect?

  14. Hot or not, Brian Bendis is talking about you guys on Wordballoon this week (at about the 2 hr. 2 min. mark). Well, technically he’s talking about how he hasn’t heard you yet, but he also gets to hear how much you love him and what good guys you are. Be sure to pay John S.

  15. Score! Bendis knows you guys exist!

  16. *sorta*