A new year brings the hope for new comics. Oh, who are we kidding–they are always new comics. At least there’s hope for new comics that you may like…


Josh says try…

Witchblade #151

By Tim Seeley, Diego Bernard, & Fred Benes

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to read Witchblade, but you didn’t know where would be a good place to try? Have you ever been a fan of Tim Seeley’s work on Hack/Slash? This is the place. It’s a fresh start and a fresh look from one of the best rising talents in comics today. The folks at Top Cow are very interested in keeping their franchises relevant, and this is them doing just that. There are plenty of worse comics to take a chance on. Give it a look.


Ron says try…

Li’l Depressed Boy #8

By S. Steven Stuble & Sina Grace

My yearning for relationship comics has been filled by Li’l Depressed Boy from Image Comics. In the new year, if you want an honest and earnest comic about people and relationships, with a touch of music and that slacker realm, then you should be reading this book. Hell, the Jamie McKelvie cover alone is worth the price of admission…


Conor says try…

The Punisher #7

By Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudiano, & Matt Hollingsworth

One of the 5-10 books at Marvel that I’m still enjoying is The Punisher. It’s been tightly paced and suspenseful, and with the main focus being on the cops and reporters instead of Frank Castle, it’s been a little bit scary when The Punisher actually shows up. Curious about the book? Check this one out–it’s a story from the past that pits The Punisher against Daredevil and it’s notable for a few reasons. The guest art team is Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano both worked with Rucka on the modern classic, Gotham Central. Also, Lark and Gaudiano both worked their magic on Matt Murdock during Brubaker’s run. It’s old home week at The Punisher #7.


  1. LDB is one of my favourite new books of 2011, glad it’s getting some more iFanboy love (I think Ron talked about it once on the show a while ago)

  2. Might pick up Witch Blade today.

  3. Screw it, I still haven’t really used my x-mas bonus, I’ll get all of these

    Also, the number on the title for LDB is wrong

  4. Li’l Depressed boy is a great read.

  5. Hell yeah Witchblade is excellent.

  6. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I’m glad to see some love for the Punisher. It’s well deserved.

  7. I concur with your L’il Depressed Boy pick….especially since I did one of the pin-ups in the back of this issue! ­čśë