Light Week? Try Train Me, Gamble, Joe Hill’s The Cape One Shot, or Teen Titans: Cold Case #1

You're in the shop, and you want more. But what? You need guidance! Let us be that light to show you the way!

Josh says try:


Joe HIll's The Cape One Shot

By Joe HIll, Zach Ciaramella, & Zach Howard

Based on a short story the novelist Hill did, this is the comic book adaptation. All I know is, he's a heck of a writer, and it's got something to do with the childhood habit of wearing a cape, but then takes you to another place completely. I honestly don't know what it is, but I'm really excited to what it could be. Plus, it's one issue!  Easy call.

Ron says try:

Train Me, Gamble

By Rudy Solis & Santiago Espina

If you truly are looking for something new and different, then you owe it to yourself to check out Train Me, Gamble from IDW this week.  Don't scoff at the $17.99 pricetag, as this is a complete graphic novel clocking in at 104 pages of pure action-filled fun.  Andrew Smith is a big monster who can't fight, and yet has built up a reputation as a bad-ass around the galaxy.  When he gets called to help save a planet, and can't con his way out of it, he turns to Gamble to train him and ultimately aid him in facing off against the evil enemy.  The debut work of writer Rudy Solis is filled with pop culture/meta references, some great humor and a story that had got just enough of that cool sci-fi mixed with period piece feeling that makes one think of Joss Whedon's Firefly.  Train Me, Gamble is sharp, funny and a blast to read, so if you are looking for to fill out your stack, then check it out this week!

Conor says try:

Teen Titans: Cold Case #1

By Mark Sable & Sean Murphy

I've heard tell of this mini-series' existence on DC's shelf for a while now and I have to say I'm kind of surprised to see it's actually coming out. Surprised but happy because now we'll all get to see what Joe the Barbarian artist Sean Murphy can do with mainstream superhero action! Plus, Mark Sable has written some strong work in the past and his story pits the Teen Titans (not the current lineup, obviously, it's an old story) against The Flash's Rogues. Fun!


  1. That isn’t the same “The Cape” as the new TV show is it?

    Teen Titans looks pretty fun. Definitely something to flip through at the shop… 

  2. The cape is based on his short story in 20th century ghosts. It is actually a really dark story. One of the better from that hit or miss collection. Not really superhero fare.

  3. ‘The Cape” was a very good short story. Nothing to do with the upcoming tv show.
    Joe Hill has a few stories that would be great as comics.

  4. The Cape one-shot was awesome! I bet if it goes to series it’ll be better than NBC’s The Cape.