She was a good kid. She was lots of fun. We worked together – a couple of light weeks till she got sick. That’s when I noticed that she started to change. You get on a merry-go-round. You think you can get off any old time. But then it starts going too fast. She was scared. She was more and more scared. She was afraid to go out. She’d go to the movies once in a while or out for groceries but never very far. And then the police came around. They asked questions, lots of questions. Then they took her away. After all, I had a feeling someone was watching the place. Then those men came.


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Thunderbolts #12

By Charles Soule & Steve Dillon

Are you digging the rejuvenation that Charles Soule is bringing to Swamp Thing and Red Lantern Corps? Well, he’s not done, and now he’s taking a swing at Thunderbolts, which had dropped off my radar faster than a Mig chasing Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. But Soule is taking over, and he’s bringing Steve Dillon with him. There’s such potential in this team, so why not give it a shot now that it’s got some renewed life?


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Satellite Sam_1

Satellite Sam #1

By Matt Fraction & Howard Chaykin

Last year at San Diego Comic-Con, one of the only panels that I attended was the Image Comics panel. At that panel they announced a metric ton of new books like Lazarus and Sex, but the one that piqued my interest the most was Satellite Sam from Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin. A noir crime story set in the golden age of television in New York City in the 1950s? Drawn by Howard Chaykin? Written by a resurgent Matt Fraction? It was nice of Image Comics to publish a comic book just for me.


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The Superior Foes of Spider-Man_1

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man

By Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber

I love when a plan comes together. It’s even better when it falls apart. Enter: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, a new ongoing series dedicated to the art of the heist. To blue collar rogues. To super villainy at its down and dirtiest.  The Sinister Syndicate has always been a bit more compelling than the elite Sinister Six, and not just because the Shocker’s involved. These guys are the real working class thugs, the Len Snarts and Sam Scudders of the Marvel Universe. Here’s to a long and loathsome crime spree.


  1. I like the team of characters in Thunderbolts so much, that even the pretty mediocre first few issues were a lot of fun to me.
    I mean, Deadpool, Punisher, Venom and Elektra in a team book??? They have to make it a lot shittier to convince me not to buy that. Still, glad to hear it has a good writer now.

  2. I am super excited for Satellite Sam! Such a great concept,mi couldn’t order that fast enough when I read the solicitation for it.

  3. I was on the fence about Superior Foes of Spider-Man, but then I checked out the preview that CBR had and was instantly sold to it! It just looks “fun” and that is what I’m looking for in a comic!

  4. Satellite Sam really intrigues me, although I can’t say I love Chaykin’s art. Still, the premise. It.Sounds.Awesome.

  5. Is satellite Sam going to be an on-going? I was going to give avengers a.i. a go but ill maybe try this instead.