Light Week? Try Officer Downe: Bigger Better Bastard Edition, Wolverine By Greg Rucka Ultimate Collection, and Strange Girl Omnibus

So many comic books. Let’s try some trades, shall we? Just in time for the holidays!

Ron says try…

Officer Downe: Bigger Better Bastard Edition

By Joe Casey & Chris Burnham

If you missed out on this one shot when it was originally published, now’s your chance to get one of the wildest rides in comics from two of the craziest creators around. Joe Casey, the man who is currently wreaking havoc with Butcher Baker, is joined by current Batman Inc. artist Chris Burnham for this badass cop with a bitchin’ moustache. Ever wonder what if Judge Dredd was American? He would be Officer Downe, and this hardcover collection is jam packed with enough extras and bonus art to make your head explode.


Josh says try…

Wolverine By Greg Rucka Ultimate Collection TP

By Greg Rucka & Various

I don’t remember all that much about Greg Rucka’s run on Wolverine except that it was my favorite Wolverine run, and it featured Darick Robertson for a time, and later Leandro Fernandez. It was an odd choice for Rucka, I felt, but it worked very well. I also remember that it ended far too quickly, and yet Marvel has now seen fit to gather it all up, and present one handy volume. This is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, teamed with one of the best writers in comics. It’s definitely worth a look back if you missed it the first time.


Conor says try…

Strange Girl Omnibus

By Rick Remender, Eric Nguyen, Jerome Opena and Nick Stakal

Fan of the epic tale that Rick Remender is telling over in Uncanny X-Force? Or maybe you’re a fan of the madcap space faring adventures that he wrote in Fear Agent? Well, have you read Strange Girl? No? Well, you should! It’s the tale of Bethany Black and her life on Earth among the demons after the Rapture has taken all the good and the pious up to Heaven. It’s crazy. It’s awesome. Her sidekick is a lech.


  1. Has anyone got a light week this week? It’s the best week for a long time. JL, Wolverine and x-men, uncanny x-force, wonder woman, batman etc etc etc…

  2. I can’t imagine anyone having a light week this week, this is the heaviest week I think I’ve had all year, so many great books out this week.

    • ya same here ive got 14 comics this week which is going to run me over $60, after that and my xmas presents ive purchased this year im going to be one broke man going into the New Year

  3. Ruck and Robertson. Sign me up!

  4. Rucka’s Wolverine run was always something that I wanted to try.

  5. Ya i just got Strange Girl recently … looking forward Conor..

  6. I won the first volume of Strange Girl at an iFanboy meetup, and really enjoyed. It was a little jarring to see that the douchey religious zealot parents were RIGHT the whole time, but I loved the ensuing story.

  7. Mean Man