“Comic *you* name, money *I* name, otherwise bargain, no.”
“Alright, damn it! It’s Genesis! The name of the comic I want is GENESIS!”
“Yes, Genesis! How can you be deaf with ears like that?”
“Genesis allowed is not! Is comic forbidden!”


Paul Montgomery says try…

Neon Genesis Evangelion_Comic Tribute_TP


Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute TP


By Mine Yoshizaki, Hideki Ohwada, Yun Kouga, Nawoki Karasawa, Yoko Sanri, Keiichi Tanaka, Rui Takato, Astroguy II, Kotaro Yamada, Sessyu Takemura, Jun Abe, Tony Takezaki, Rikdo Koshi

I’ve been an absolute nut for all things Evangelion since high school. I fell hook line and sinker for its blend of tried and true anime tropes like mecha mayhem and warm-weather penguins with beyond-convoluted Hebrew mysticism and dad issues. Thing is, Shinji and co were gluttons for melodrama, so I’m eager to see all that flipped on its head with what sounds like a tongue-in-cheek roasting of NERV and those feral, angel-munching mechs.


Conor Kilpatrick says try…

Young Justice_25_Full

Young Justice #25


By Greg Weisman & Christopher Jones

Over the course of this series it has shown up a lot in this feature mostly because I felt like more people were watching and loving the show than were buying the comic. And that was a shame. Well, with this, the final issue of Young Justice, I will urge the people who watch and love the show to pick up this great comic book. One last time.


Paul Montgomery also says try…



Nova #1


By Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuiness & Dexter Vines, Marte Gracia

While the creative team is by no means a slam dunk, Marvel NOW! is on a hot streak with some meteoric hits. I’m watching the skies for this new wave of high profile cosmic books, and I’m hoping this new youthful take on Nova will help revitalize the franchise. It’s not DnA, but here’s hoping for another bright spot in the ongoing adventures of the Nova Corps.


  1. I loved the DnA era of cosmic Marvel, but I’m also excited for a new take on the characters and ideas. Can’t wait for Nova!

  2. DnA cosmic was my favorite, this has big shoes to fill as well as Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos Birth mini should be solid.

  3. Looking forward to Nova also. It looks like it might be a fun read.

  4. This seals the deal, Paul you are now officially my #1 ifanboy just for being a Eva geek.