Light Week? Try Hellboy: The Fury #3, X-Men #15.1, or DC Retroactive: Justice League of America – The 80s #1

We feel like we haven't had a light week since 1972.


Josh says try:

Hellboy: The Fury #3

By Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, & Dave Stewart

How do I put this? Something's going to happen here. I think. I'm not sure. I wouldn't read the articles, but I have been reading the issues leading up to here, and I've been reading Hellboy for a while, and this… this feels like something significant. Plus it kind of feels like Dark Horse is downplaying it. We don't know anything about future Hellboy series after this though, and well, it's time. I'm saying, be there. I'm kind of excited.


Ron says try:

X-Men #15.1

By Victor Gischler & Will Conrad

I was going to say that the current adjectiveless X-Men as written by Victor Gischler is one of the more underrated X-Men books being published today, which each issue delivering great writing in the stories he's told.  But then I saw the solicit text for this from Marvel and decided to go with that because it made me laugh: "This is a perfect jumping-on point to the X-Men book in the middle of the Marvel Universe!"


Conor says try:

DC Retroactive: Justice League of America – The '80s # 1

By Gerry Conway & Ron Randall

There has been at least one absolutely brilliant Retroactive issue each week and this time I'm betting on this one. Why? It's the Justice League Detroit era team and that means asshole, sucker punching Aquaman and one of the greatest heroes of all time: Vibe.


  1. That’s … some interesting art there on the cover of adjectiveless.  Wow!

  2. I’ll probably get The Fury, eventhough I have not kept up with Hellboy.

    Some other “light weeks” could be Baltimore Curse Bells and Echo complete edition!

  3. I don’t care what happens in that JLA issue as long as we get a Tom VS. the JLA Retroactive Podcast. America needs this.

  4. Xmen is a real good book just glad will conrad is the inside artist that cover not so much.

  5. I just jumped off of X-Men, after grabbing Must Have #1 through issue #15, for the Yost/Medina run.

    “Every time I try to get out…”


  6. Cannot wait for this!! I was one of the few fans of the Detroit era League. Long live the eighties!!!

  7. try the last issue in a mini which is wrapping up years of hellboy stroies? hmmm?

  8. @edward  Sure.

  9. Hmmm

  10. That X-Men cover is awful! Is Gambit SUPPOSED to be a monkey?

  11. I am sad that I will have to wait till next year for new Hellboy comics

  12. @ Butch and Colosus looks like he is trying to take a massive shit

  13. That X-men cover
    Colossus look slike the mole man.