Light Week? Try Captain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus, Hawkeye: Blind Spot #1, and Young Justice #1

Pull list looking anemic? Looking for something new to check out? We got your back.

Josh says try:

Captain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus

By Jack Kirby

Here's the math I'm looking at: I love Captain America. I love Jack Kirby. Without one, there is not the other. When lots of other fans get all lathered up about some sort of premium expensive hardcover edition, I usually don't pay much never mind. Yet when I caught wind of this upcoming release, I gasped audibly. This one is going on the shelf, next to the giant Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus. And unlike that one, this time I might actually read it!* (*no promises expressed or implied.)

Ron says try:

Hawkeye: Blind Spot #1

By Jim McCann & Paco Diaz

As you can see in our recent interview with Jim McCann, he loves writing Hawkeye and it all comes out in this rollicking first issue as one of our favorite Avengers faces his toughest challenge yet.  Any lover of Hawkeye, or the Avengers, will definitely want to check this story out as it promises major impact to the best marksman in the Marvel U.  Plus, the mini-series itself is said to hold some awesome surprises for any big fan of Hawkeye.

Conor says try:

Young Justice #1

By Art Baltazar, Franco, & Mike Norton

I know you like the cartoon. Hell, millions of people watch it. But now we get a comic book series that appears to take place "between the panels" of the show. And not only that, but it is written by the fan favorite team of Art Baltazar and Frano (Tiny Titans) and drawn by one of the best guys in comics, Mike Norton. I'm hoping that this all-ages series gives me the same warm and fuzzies that the Batman: The Animated Series tie-in comics did in the 90s.


  1. That Kirby Cap Omnibus will turn any light week into a heavy one, guaranteed.

    Good call on Young Justice. Great show and the #0 issue was a lot of fun.

  2. There’s a couple of ugly ass faces on that Hawkeye cover.  Anyway, I second Young Justice.  If you dig the cartoon, the comic is worth picking up, as it’s more of the same, just not in motion.

  3. I’m considering picking up Young Justice (assuming [probably incorrectly] that my shop has a copy).

  4. Kirby cover is amazing.  I have a number of those old Kirby drawn issues from the mid 70s.  

  5. Picking up the Kirby omnibus on Josh’s recommendation. Time to finally start reading some Kirby stuff to see what he’s all about.

  6. I’m in for Hawkeye. (Even though I agree with lifesend about the cover art.)

    I don’t have any omnibus collections, but a Jack Kirby Cap is tempting. 

  7. A note of warning on the Kirby omnibus… that Madbomb shit is bananas.  Kirby wrote it as well, and I think Marvel editors were hands-off to keep the King happy.  It’s a crazy story with crazy good art.

    I have all the issues, plus the Essential volume, so I won’t pick this up.  I would love a re-colored Kirby Cap Tales Of Suspense omnibus.  Or, while I’m dreaming, a Strange Tales/Fury Steranko omnibus. 

  8. I just ordered the Kirby Omnibus as well. I’m not expecting it to be Jack’s best. Besides, after reading the entire Fourth World saga recently, I’m prepared for the madness. It looks like the upcoming Vol. 1 Omnibus will cover a bunch of his earlier work on the title, btw – that’s almost 900 pages of Kirby, Steranko etc for not much more than this one. (there is about a $10 diff on amazon).

  9. Much of that Cap material was covered in Essential volume 5. I’d check that out before I shelled out $75 on the omni…