“Just give me twenty-four hours to come up with a brilliant idea to save our comics. Just twenty-four hours, that’s all I ask.”

[In unison] “No!”

“You’d do it for Randolph Scott. (Snyder.)”

[Reverently] “Randolph Scott… (Snyder.)”

[Singing in the fashion of a church choir] “RAAAAANDOLPH SCOTT! (SNYDER!)”

“All right, iFanboy. Twenty-four hours.”


Josh Flanagan says try…

American Vampire_The Long Road to Hell_Full

American Vampire: The Long Road To Hell

By Scott Snyder & Rafael Albuquerque

It can be a tricky thing when a creator known primarily as an artist decides to take their spin as a writer, especially when the property is a known quantity, like American Vampire. But it’s also not a given that said artist isn’t going to be bad. For one thing, they’re storytellers, just like the writers. So, when Scott Snyder says he’s excited about Rafael Albuquerque’s turn as writer/artist on this special, I’ll take him at face value, and we’ll see what the pages hold.  It’s good to have it back. I know that much.


Conor Kilpatrick says try…


Batman #21

By Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, Rafael Albuquerque, FCO Plascencia, Dave McCaig, Nick Napolitano & Taylor Esposito

Look, I love Batman: Year One. Scott Snyder loves Batman: Year One. No one’s looking to come to your house and set your copy of Year One ablaze. But we’re living in a New 52 world and so concessions must be made–Year One doesn’t fit with this Batman and so this Batman need a new origin story. Well, not new per se. His parents are still shot outside of the theater in Crime Alley and Bruce still vows to become the vengeance in the night. What this is the story of how a young Bruce Wayne learned to harness his rage, his grief, and his pain to become Batman. And the year-long format is going to allow Snyder a lot of room to let the narrative breathe and hopefully tell a really intricate and epic coming-of-vigilante story. Plus Snyder’s American Vampire artist Rafael Albuquerque is on-board to draw the back-ups! There’s nothing about this that I’m not excited for!


Paul Montgomery says try…


Superman: Unchained #1

By Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Dustin Nguyen

While Adventures of Superman seems best suited, tonally, to fulfill this Superman fan’s wish list, I’m hopeful that Scott Snyder’s take will be just as rewarding. Snyder’s featured the Man of Steel before in smaller cameo roles, most memorably in the first issue of his Swamp Thing run, but this is the true test of his understanding. Lee is sure to deliver on the action, and the more intimate focus should allow for clearer storytelling. I’m confident that Snyder will have a handle on the psychology, his signature strong suit. While I’m a bigger fan of the writer than the artist, I think their individual sensibilities ought to complement one another. I’m also excited to see Snyder embrace some sunshine. He’s a lovely person, but he’s best known, understandably so, for incredibly dark stories. Macabre isn’t his only setting though.



  1. I declare this week of June, Scott Snyder week! So next year, during the same week, DC is better to put out 3 Snyder books or the world will be blown to bits and pieces *mouhahahahahaha* *cough* *cough* *hahahahahahahahahahaha*!!

    On a more serious note, I’m picking up Batman #21 and Superman Unchained #1, it’s about time I read a GOOD Superman book! I tried Action Comics’s run by Morrions but felt it was too “out there” for my taste so I dropped it and the solo Superman title wasn’t great either, what’s the saying anyways? Third time’s the charm, right?

    • And I know you’re an iFanboy yourself Mister Snyder, so you better pitch my idea to your bosses and make it happen. My World blowing up threats are not to be taken mildly, I’m a red head in real life A.K.A. evil bastards! 0_o

  2. I love Snyders Batman but when Superman Unchained comes out nothing else in the world matters for me.

  3. Very much looking forward to reading Snyder on Superman Unchained. It’ll be great to see him write something a bit brighter.

  4. Finally a Superman book to look forward to after Morrison left Action Comics! Snyder is my new #1 favorite writer. His take on Superman will be a fantastic companion to the Man of Steel film, both tonally & metaphorically.

  5. I;m curious about Snyder’s take on Superman, but, am waiting to hear the initial feedback. If word of mouth is good, I might pick it up next week. Over the summer there’s a bunch of new titles coming out I want to sample, so I need to be picky about which I actually buy.

    I’m a regular reader of Batman, so yes, I’m getting this issue & yes, I’m looking forward to seeing what Snyder does with it. Personally, I thought that his issue zero last year was great . . .

  6. Wow, I’ve never heard of any of these books before. Thanks iFanboy for pointing out the hidden gems. 😉

  7. Snyder week!!

  8. I’ll be picking up Batman as usual, and giving Superman: Unchained a try, even though I’m not a big fan of the character.

  9. I didn’t know Dustin Ngyuen had anything to do with Superman Unchained. Seeing his name on there gets me more interested than anything else.

  10. Im interested in all three of these, but with money constrints There Can Only Be One. I’ll probably go with Supes Unchained, its $4.99 but I want a good Superman story and its been on my list for awhile. I might check out that AV One-shot but that price is a alittle step for a series I’ve never bought and whose story I’m behind on (I need to read volume 4). Its cool there’s an unofficial Scott Snyder week, I think I smell another POTW from one of these three.

  11. Interesting suggestions.

    I may give these a look.