Light Week? Try The Amazing Spider-Man, Incorruptible, and Justice League of America

Sometimes you look down at that pull list that you just made and you realize there aren’t many books on it and that you’ve got a light week! And that just won’t do! You can’t go all the way down to the comic book store for just a handful of books. It’s at times like these that you need some suggestions on new comics to try. Well, luckily, we’re here for you.


Ron says try:

The Amazing Spider-Man #627
By Roger Stern & Lee Weeks

You’ve heard me rave about The Amazing Spider-Man on the podcast for the past year and more, why not give it a try with this first issue of an arc that harkens back to the classic Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut battle of the 1980s? Written by comics legend Roger Stern and art by the always classic Lee Weeks means you cannot go wrong with this issue!


Josh says try:

Incorruptible #4
Incorruptible #4
By Mark Waid & Jean Diaz

As an extension to the world Mark Waid created in Irredeemable, Incorruptable is just as intriguing, and makes a really nice bookend to the story happening in the predecessor.  The story of Max Danger, as evidenced by the goofy name, is just a little silly, and I’ve found the book surprisingly fun. And while the results aren’t as terrifying, like Irredeemable, I don’t know where this is going to go, and I very much want to.  It’s so nice to see Mark Waid firing on all cylinders on more than one book.  It’s not too late to check this out!


Conor says try:

Justice League of America #43
Justice League of America #43
By James Robinson & Mark Bagley

Psst. Don’t get too excited just yet, but the reclamation of Justice League of America might just be underway. I know. I can’t believe it either. I talked about this with Tom Katers on the podcast when the last issue came out and it’s absolutely true: James Robinson might be the perfect guy to write Justice League of America right now. He has a deep and abiding love for the history of the DC Universe. And it’s starting to show in these pages. Look, fixing a book with as many problems as Justice League of America has had over the past, oh, I dunno, decade, is no small feat. It’s not like turning around a speedboat. It’s like turning around a luxury liner. If you’ve you’re like me and you’ve been disappointed in Justice League of America for a long, long time now might be a good time to give it another look.


  1. I’m picking up Justice League, because the last few issue have shown improvement and I WANT to like a current James Robinson book.

    Power Girl worked out pretty well for me last week. 

  2. I’m picking these up anyway, what should i do?

  3. @RoiVampire – I suggest giving Detective Comics a try.  It is the end of an arc, but it will be beautiful and well written enough that you should be able to enjoy it.

  4. @stulach mayhaps

  5. If you’re already picking these up, I’d suggest Rasl and Fantastic Four.

  6. Thanks for the tips guys, Im loving the new articles and "best of the week in…" spots. Great work!

  7. The first two I completely agree with, but JLA I’m really struggling to get behind.  Love Robinson in the past, love the JLA sometimes and even love most of the characters making up this new roster, but something just isn’t clicking for me.  It’s kind of on borrowed time for me as they’ve already had 4 or 5 issues…

    still my recommendation would be Blackest Night…it’s not like anyone’s picking that up.

  8. Already grabbing Spider Man, Trade waiting for Irreedeemable, and although I’ve considered dropping Justice League there are hints that it’s gonna get really good, really soon. And I want more Congorilla because he’s awesome.

  9. @odare77 check out the preview pages of the new JLA issue on newsarama. found them yesterday on twitter and they are awesome

  10. I try to stay positive in both my online comments and my general outlook, but I gotta say that over the last year Robinson has burned me enough times to almost forget I ever enjoyed his writing in the first place.

    I’m willing to forgive the plotting (or lack thereof) of Cry For Justice, as it felt very editorially mandated from the beginning (anyone else remember reading that it would focus on the search for Libra? Did I dream that sometime in the long ago?). But I cannot forgive the near indecipherable dialogue coming from the pen of someone who’s been writing for as long as Robinson has.

    If that were the only glitch he was involved in, I’d shrug it off. But I couldn’t get behind his Superman stuff or the recent JLA run either. I dunno, maybe he’s just not for me. But like I said I’ve enjoyed some of his older stuff. I certainly don’t hate the guy.

    Conor, I understand what you’re saying about it taking time to turn a book around. And I know he hasn’t been on JLA proper for very long. But it also feels like JLA has been sub-par for so long now, I can’t help but be skeptical that Robinson’s the right man for the job. If Cry For Justice is even the slightest example of his League, we’re in for a few more months of winter. Maybe in the case of this particular luxury liner, they need to blow it up and let it sink before they cast off again.

  11. @WheelHands: I, on the other hand, enjoyed CRY FOR JUSTICE and think his work on the various Superman books has been excellent.

  12. I second that (Connor).  His use of supporting characters in Superman reminded me of the care taken with Opal City and its residents.  I haven’t read JLA because the Bagley art really turns me off in this book.  It just doesn’t feel right.

  13. @WheelHands — I"m in the same boat as you. HUGE old-school Robinson fan, liked the BEGINNING of Cry for Justice, but thought it went off the rails as editorial plans shifted mid-stream. I haven’t loved his Superman stuff, either — though there were pockets of goodness here and there.

    That said, I’ve seen a nice glimmer of potential in the recent JLA issues, and I think the further we move away from mega-events and Cry for Justice aftermath, the more chance we have of seeing Robinson shine. So, I’m still on board for at least another arc. I want to see how the JLA/JSA story pans out.

  14. @Conor: Fair enough. Different strokes and all that. I also realize that the entire point of your piece was that things seem to be looking up for JLA, so I’m looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

    Bottom line, I want the League to have the book I think it deserves. If Robinson can make that happen, I’ll gladly feast on my words.

  15. The announcement for "cry for justice" made me laugh so hard. But now I’m waiting for the trade, if nothing else just to laugh at it.

  16. I have tried to keep an open mind, but after reading several recent books by Robinson it baffles my mind that Conor and Josh are still liking/recommending Robinson current work.  I find it unnecessarily wordy, uninspired (and uninspiring), and ultimately boring.  To make things even worse for JLA, Bagley is 100% the wrong artist for the book.

  17. I can’t buy Incorruptible after reading Waid’s recent Amazing Spider-Man.  It has turned me off.  I even liked Irredeemable vol. 1, but can’t continue now.

  18. @ActualButt: Yes, and yes.

    @WheelHands: I’m with you on Robinson.  I loved the first arc of SWONK, and the possibility of a different kind of Superman story.  Because of that promise, I felt really let down when it ended up just being a regular Superman story.  It might have been a very good one, but I stopped following when it ceased to be a Kal-El is now just another Kryptonian to HUGE battle involving everyone’s favorite Smallvillian.  And Cry For Justice wasn’t for me.  I’m glad it’s revitalizing other peoples’ interest in the JL, though.

  19. @Kickass: You can’t read Waid’s Boom books because you didn’t like his last Spidey arc?  Really?

    I’m 100% with Conor on JLA.  Robinson started with a lot of baggage, and he’s getting to a place where he’s free to indulge his fondness for DCU lore… especially his love of the Golden Age, with the upcoming JLA/JSA event.  I hope it’s called "Crisis on"… well, on something.

  20. If it’a a light week, how about Vertigo’s UNKNOWN SOLDIER? With the number of pulls it gets, I’m worried it might get the axe. . . 🙁

  21. @HailScott – I’ve been meaning to pick up that first trade for UNKNOWN SOLDIER. Perhaps this will be the week.

  22. You know, most of the stuff Josh has recommended from video podcasts, I’ve enjoyed. Josh got me hooked on Alan Moore Swamp thing, Hellblazer, Sandman, Scalped, Sleeper, Gothan Central, etc. I’m gonna give Incorruptible a try.

  23. @Conor – Your ASM pick is spot on. I was just discussing this subject today with a student of mine who was dissalusioned by"Brand New Day" – I handed him the last 6 issues  and told him he would’nt be dissapointed. The art may have been a bit inconsistant in the last few weeks (IMHO),  BUT the overall tone of Peter Parker has captured that classic feel. The  perfect mix of sarcasm, sympathy, action, drama and suspense have made me care about this title agaiin.

  24. I’ve been enjoying Justice League the last few months, but I wasn’t going to pick up this week’s because the whole Arsenal thing doesn’t interest me much and I don’t want to get caught up in the crossover. Maybe I’ll flip through it at the store.

  25. I would get Amazing Spiderman if I wasn’t (in theory) reading it in trade.

     Super-light week for me though, (okay…this week is actually a no-show). I’m picking up a couple of Scott Pilgrim trades from Heavy Ink instead. It’s a series-wide sale, and the discount gets better the later the volume soooo, I’m kind of tempted to drop $35 on the whole darn thing instead. Lord, beer me strength.

  26. I’ve given ASM so many chances over the past year that, but each time I was not feeling it. I wasn’t reading it before but of this is the best spider-man has been in years…and all that.


    I was excited about James Robinson on JLA, but then they pulled that horrible horrible Cry For Justice stunt. I don’t care for it anymore. 


    I am already reading Incorruptible. I’ll probably catch up on my stack and my podcast. 

  27. give Fantastic Four some pull list love

  28. Jeez. I keep trying to like Amazing Spider-Man, but they really aren’t making it easy for me. I try to pick up one issue a month, to see if the wheel has spun around to a creator/artist combo that I actually like, but it happens so rarely that I can’t justify picking up the book unless one of the creators or the solicit are so intriguing that I have no choice. This is the book that, in one arc, featured one of my favorite writers (Slott), artists (Martin) and villains (Mysterio) and I STILL couldn’t make it three issues without dropping it out of boredom. Conversely, Spidey #600 is one of my favorite single issues of any comic, ever, so I have to keep giving them a shot on the off chance that I’ll strike gold.

    Sorry, guys. I really don’t mean to troll, just expressing frustration over a book that I really want to like, but for some reason can’t get into.

  29. Light week?  What light week?  I have 20 books on my pull list. 🙁

  30. ASM "is" one of the best books being published in the last decade. I get it in hardcovers, jumped in after the Brand new Day thing happened and YOUS guys started raving for it. It is really good, in a simple and fun manner. It is not re-writing how comics should be, it is just being awesome Spidey stories, Peter moments and great art! Feels very real and natural!  Anyways, me likes it a lot! The one shots have been really good, I’ve actually been touched in profound ways by them. Not in a dirty way.

  31. @telecarlos

    Brian Bendis has been doing simple, fun sdpidey stories for 10 years, and its still better.