Let the ‘Batman Begins’ Sequel Rumors Begin

It looks like they’re starting to work on the sequel to last summer’s hit Batman Begins and the casting rumors are starting to fly.

According to this vague report, it could extrapolated that perhaps a woman who has previous been in a comic book movie could be cast, as well as an actor that I would be surprised anyone on this board would dislike as The Joker. Click to see the speculation…

Okay — let’s start with the female casting rumor:

“This is the first screen appearance for this character in the Batman films and she has a very close connection with a major character in Nolan’s first Batman movie. She will be out for revenge against Bruce Wayne and Gotham in a major way. As of who the studio is looking at for this role, let’s just say that she is nominated for a SAG, a Golden Globe and is on her way to an Oscar nomination as well. She is also in fact five months pregnant and will be in tip top fighting shape once production begins to roll early next year but not before she throws a few coins in a fountain.”

Okay so let’s look at character first. She’s a character who’s never been in the Batman movies before, yet has a close connection with a Batman Begins character and is out for revenge against Batman and Gotham?

Could it be Ra’s Al Gul’s daughter, Talia? Maybe…

If we look at the SAG Noms & the Golden Globe noms, we can probably nix Judi Dench or Michelle Williams (she’s just had her baby…) ah, but who else is nominated? Rachel Weisz, who is in fact pregnant and her next movie is The Fountain, directed by her husband and former possible Batman director, Darren Aronofsky…

Now on to The Joker:

“As you know, there are many actors who want the chance to do this character (The most requested Batman character next to Batman himself.) The studio is eyeing a major, major actor and Christopher Nolan himself is said to be just as excited as they are in nabbing him for the role. Who is he? Let’s just say that he has a major film coming out this summer and it’s a sequel to one of his biggest hits. In fact, his performance in the first movie was nominated for an Oscar. YES, they are looking at HIM if he is available for the role and rumor is that he might be interested depending on the script, which is being written right now.”

Well this one is less cryptic…. JOHNNY DEPP!


  1. I saw this rumor and came to the same conclusions. It’s quite obvious they are taking about Rachel Weisz as Talia and Johnny Depp as The Joker.

    Great choices.

    But, it’s just rumor and speculation at this point.

  2. Well, I don’t know about Weisz as Talia, but Depp as the Joker would be interesting.

    Of course, having lower-key actors for the movies, like Liam Neeson (granted, he is in a bunch of movies, but he’s not necessarily an A+ celeb) or Adrian Broody (another rumored Joker).

    I do like the idea of having talia in here, though, and maybe a ending shot of a Lazarus Pit . . ?

  3. I love Rachel Weisz. They could cast her as Robin and I’d be fine with it.

  4. Yeah. I would like to see Rachel Weisz as Talia. It would be good for them to follow up with them – though I wish they wouldn’t start doubling up villians.

  5. Keeping the movies connected in a loosely continuing story ‘a la the X-Men and Spider-Man movies or Star Trek II-VI is a great idea.

    They already doubled up on villains in the first one.

    You’re right though, if they are going to do The Joker, he needs to be alone.

  6. I hate the villain double up – why do they always do that?!?!

  7. I almost think that they may be trying to lay the foundation for a real, living Gotham. Like, one in which you may see Joker running around while Bats is staking out Two-Face — which causes Batman to make certain decisions. Until Robin and the rest of the Bat-Family show up, it’s just Batman against some of the most derranged and psychopathic criminals around — and they’re all pretty much local. Not MANY of them go for world domination. They’re going for revenge, certain loot, or other Gotham-centric activities. It makes it more real for me. As long as they use the focus correctly.

  8. That would be a good idea if this were a Batman TV series, or a series of animated movies, but probably not realistic for the live action movies. Conceivably they can only get three, maybe four, movies in before they’d have to reboot the series again.

    As much as I’d love to see a well done Robin, I don’t forsee any of the other Batfamily showing up, personally.

  9. True. But, who knows, maybe they’ll spin the series off as a tv show . . .

    I mean, you get actors hooked in, and, you never know . . .

    Ah, I know — wishful thinking.

    I just wish these comic companies, when they make their movies, leave it open for crossovers, extended, multi-movie arcs, and a more cohesive universe.

    I mean, setting uup a new Batman franchise, a NEW Superman, a Flash movie, a GL movie, an Aquaman movie, the new Wonder Woman movie . . . then BOOM! You’ve got the workings of a JLA movie, with a focus on Green Arrow and Black Canary. Or something like that.

    Ah well. At least we’ve got the comics.

  10. This is the first of what I hope to be many posts here at iFanboy, been listening to all the podcasts and am a big fan, though somtimes I attempt to yell so loud at my iPod in the hopes that Josh can hear me in LA. Regardless, i have been hearing whispers of one Michael Keaton for the roll of joker at various websites but we all know how accurate internet casting rumors can be.


  11. What’d I do? Is that a good yell, or a bad one?

    My thought about comic book movies and TV is always that you should always be thankful for the comics. If a comic book movie is good, that’s a bonus. I expect nothing from comic book movies, so I’m rarely disappointed. I used to think that a good comic book movie would be good for the comic book industry, but since then, I realized that it seems NOTHING can affect the comics themselves, because after a huge number of very good and very effective films, the comic industry didn’t move an inch. Perhaps the x-men costumes changed over a tiny bit, but no one new came and bought comics, and so they pressed on in the same way.

    Depp would be amazing as Joker. But I can’t tell if he’s ever played a bad guy. Anyone? I guess the character in Once Upon a Time in Mexico was kinda bad, but he wasn’t uber evil, like the Joker must be. Nicholson was just crazy, he wasn’t so much evil. We need a scary edge to this character along the lines of something we’ve rarely seen in films recently. The good director will make this Joker so bad, and scary that kids will be scared of clowns for years. That’s what I want. I guess that doesn’t sell a lot of toys though.

    I like Weisz a lot, but she doesn’t seem right as Talia does she? I mean, if there was ever a role for a tall athletic woman, it’s for Talia, and isn’t Weisz a bit stumpy for that? it’s just odd casting isn’t it?

    2 villains are stupid in one movie. Short tight stories told well are what makes these movies good. But then, I’m not a director, filmmaker, or studio exec.

  12. My main problem sometimes with crossing mediums is the person trying to pull the comic onto film may not understand either mediums. Singer I trust, so I don’t worry about Superman.

    But, not everyone I trust. Nolan’s getting there, but I want to see him do more work.

    Batman Begins had two villians, but Scarecrow ended up being part of Ghul’s gang. I liked that little fact. And Ghul’s origins tie in so closely with Bruce’s that it’s almost like you’re not getting it.

    Smart story telling. The Batman franchise got bogged down when most of their movies were spent on villian origins (or not at all, in the case of Two-Face).

    I hope the next one doesn’t start doing that.

  13. Josh is right about The Joker. Jack was a great version of The Joker. Just like Ceasar Romero was a great version of The Joker, but neither one was scary. The Joker needs to be TERRIFYING. Grown men should see him on screen and want to pee their pants. Depp could do it, I think. He’s got the chops. Strangely enough, I also think Michael Keaton could do it. But that might be too much of a distraction.

  14. I have to agree with Conor on this one. A real life joker needs to be SADISTIC, the role not only needs an actor with chops but an actor that can make us fully forget who we are really looking so i think Depp’s star power might get in the way.

  15. That’s the one thing about Depp I’d be apprehensive about.

  16. I’m always of the opinion that Batman movies should have more to do with Batman then the villains. Granted, Batman’s rogue’s gallery is part of the character’s longevity, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a movie based on the first appearence of the Joker, where we follow Batman trying desperately to stop these fucked up murders, all the while not really seeing who’s responsible until the end?

    I can dream…


  17. Nick, you are far too sensible to work in Hollywood.

  18. I think, from an audience standpoint, that they might not accept that. I bet it wouldn’t “test” well. They’d wonder who’s that guy, and shouldn’t we know more about him? But yeah, I agree with Nick, that would be great, but also that it’s a dream.