Lee Bermejo Decks the Halls with BATMAN: NOEL OGN

DC announced today that Lee Bermejo (Joker, Wednesday Comics) will make his writing debut in a new holiday OGN entitled Batman: Noel. Bermejo joins a flurry of Batman artists like Tony Daniel and David Finch offering their own one-man projects, serving as both writer and artist. 


While Bermejo's photo-real style probably doesn't lend itself to the speed needed to illustrate a monthly series, it's exciting that he's able to produce these OGNs every now and then. Anxious to see what Bermejo does with his newfound control over an entire story.  


  1. this just made my christmas list

  2. Fan-friggin-tastic!  I was recently reading his and Arcudi’s Superman story in Wednesday Comics and just hoping to see more of him soon.  I just hope he’s more successful at writing than Daniel and Finch have been.

  3. You’d think Bruce Wayne could afford to buy an iron.

  4. I loved the Joker OGN and Bermejo’s Wednesday Comics was like a teaser. I can’t wait to see more of his work and see if he has writting chops to accompany it.

  5. I’m not sure how Lee’s writing will measure up, but in Chiarello editing, I absolutely trust.

  6. This just made my day.  His is absolutley my favorite depiction of Batman, I knew he was working on an OGN, but not what it was.

    For anyone looking for more Bermejo goodness, check out “Batman/Deathblow: After the Fire” written by Azzarello.

    (you may have to piece together the 3 prestige issues for the best deal.)

    And of course:

    “Superman/ Gen13” was fun, too.

  7. Bremejo is one of my favorite Batman artists right behind Brian Bolland, Tim Sale, and mazzucchelli (sp?). This should be great.

  8. This will be beautiful

  9. Bruce looks cold.

  10. @Asteraceae  Are you speaking on his coloring that makes the ear look like it’s a part of the cape?

  11. @ghettojourno  no, i mean–don’t you think that ear (of the cowl, the ‘bat ear’) should begin lower down by a small amount on the inner part of the shadow?, else it looks like it is behind him?

  12. Knowing how good his visual storytelling is (check out superman/Gen13), I trust that Bremejo will write an awesome story.

  13. I love Bermejo, He’s kind of like a gritty JH Williams III, but also different. I know that doesnt make any sense, but think about it… 

  14. Has he ever written anything before?

    That’s my only worry about this because, art-wise at least, I have no doubt that it will be stellar.  

  15. @Ilash  As I mentioned in the article, this is Bermejo’s debut as a writer. 

  16. Why isn’t Batman wearing his arctic armor?  His cap looks frozen in place, like my dog’s blankets when I leave them out in the cold.I can almost hear the crunch of it trying to flap.

  17. Nice.

  18. thye joker ogn actually was pretty awesome

  19. batman is really mad he forgot to pack his winter suit