Kurt Loder is hot for V

I didn’t even know Kurt Loder still worked at MTV, but he does and apparently he’s very excited for V for Vendetta. Who knew?

With its release less than two months away, the PR hype machine seems to be starting up. Given the current political climate, I wonder how much of a success this movie will be? Do we think it will do better than Sin City?

Count the number of times “comic books” are mentioned in this article vs. The Matrix. It’s almost like the fact that this is a comic book movie is an after thought compared to the wonderfulness of The Matrix.


  1. At the Comic Con last year, I thought they did a very smart marketing with the masks. I have noticed that certain aspects of this movie are not being brought into light.

    Much like Sin City, I think V For Vendetta will take people by storm and redefine the comic movie yet again.

  2. I’m looking forward to this far more than I was Sin City, mostly because I’m a much bigger fan of this work. The thing is, besides the fact that they’re both from comic books, that’s about all the similarity there is between them. Sin City is about the visceral feelings of sec and violence and V is about government and people and the rules that make society. It’s a much more cerebral work. And I must say, this trailer looks great.

    I do think with the bombings in the story, I’d be surprised if it A) went over well with the public, B) made it to the final cut at all.

  3. One reason I can’t see it being good:
    It was delayed. That’s always an awful sign.
    The trailer looks fantastic and I’ll be there opening night, but I can see it being absolutely awful and forgotten almost immediately.

  4. They swore up and down that they weren’t taking the bombings out. We’ll see, I guess.

    I’m really looking forward to it, but I share the same fears that The Dude has.

  5. That’s always a valid fear with any adaptation of a beloved material. To push it a bit more, the director seems to be a first timer. Music video director or some such. That’s always a good sign isn’t it? Isn’t it????

  6. Wasn’t Fincher a music director? Those can go either way.

  7. Very true, but that’s precisely it. It can go very good, or very bad. We’ll find out when it opens.

  8. I think this is Toga’s influence, but this thread title made me laugh in a really juvenile way.

    Is that wrong?

  9. I agree. That’s because of the presence of the sounds “Hot” and “load”.

  10. *sniff* I’m so proud.