Kordey Off ‘Excalibur’

In a move that apparently came as a surprise to the artist, Igor Kordey was removed as the penciller on the upcoming Excalibur book. Oddly enough, the move has provoked sympathy at The Pulse and cheering at Newsarama.

Now I’m not one for firings, but it seems pretty clear to me that Kordey was not well liked by fans. And that is the best reason to use other artists.

None of us know anything about the situations involved, but it seems like Kordey was complaining about how he was treated, and I’m guessing he may not have been as cooperative as he could have been. I say this based solely on my experience hearing him speak in San Diego last year, where he seemed to carry an obvious and public chip on his shoulder.

But again, I know nothing of the circumstances, other than many fans will be happy to pay for the book with a different artist on board.


  1. More from Kordey:

    “NRAMA: With Marvel as a whole, when did you start to feel the tide changing against you?

    IK: Actually, hmm, when I got computer, a year and a half ago – when I started to approach different comic-oriented websites. I was so happy to finally having an opportunity to meet my fans, to chat with them… Little did I know! I run into universe of hate, envy, dumbness, lethargy and irrationalism. Oh, my god! It shattered my illusion that my readers are smart, independent, educated, art loving people. Well, you never stop to learn… ”