Kirkman Goes Big Time… in GQ

Normally, we're not going to just link to any old interview, but the fact is, the picture made me laugh.  Plus, gosh darnit, we're kind of proud of Robert Kirkman.  Back when iFanboy started podcasting, he wasn't such a big fish, and we got a lot of people hooked on his nascent Image books, Invincible and Walking Dead.  And look where he is today.  Plus, there's even some stuff in there we didn't know.  Go figure.  Whatever. I had some of his bottle of Coke.


A taste:

GQ: You went into massive credit-card debt to self-publish the first comics you made.

Robert Kirkman: Yeah, that's how I got into comics. I had a bunch of credit cards and I had a small publishing company. I did a bunch of books early on that I got like $40,000 in debt on, to get my name out there and actually have things published. There was a time when I was $40,000 dollars in debt and I was making about $200 a year. Invincible and Walking Dead, the two series that are reaching their 75th issues now, came right after that period. They're like books eight and nine of my career. Books one through seven I pretty much lost money on hand over fist.

How's your credit these days?

Oh, my credit is impeccable these days. Back then, not so much.

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  1. A truly inspiring interview, if I may be so sentimental.

  2. Will Zach Galifianakis play him in the movie biopic?

  3. Robert Kirkman in a suit? But he always looks like such a hillbilly when you guys interview him. lol j/k good for him. Notice though, not one mention of IFanboy in the article. no love for the the constituents  Just saying, just saying. 

  4. who’s hairier in that picture?

  5. That’s really cool. I’m very happy for him.

  6. awesome………go kirkman!!

  7. Personally, I’m waiting for the return of Battle Pope.

  8. Kirkman for president!!!

  9. This is really cool! Like the nice do they gave him. Will he get beaten when he goes back to Kentucky for the metro hair? Kudos to the man!

  10. Is there anyone more fun than Robert Kirkman working in the world of comics?

  11. Serious American dream story.  Drive, determination, talent, and, of course, debt.

    Good for him, and good that he is making comics for us.

  12. Here’s to the most reader-friendly writer in comics. Keep it up RK!

  13. Token comment about comic sales significantly increasing by the year 2013.

  14. Wish my credit was good.

  15. favorite line from the interview, "Stan Lee is a sissy."

  16. Great interview!  Kirkman rocks.

  17. The more I read Kirkman’s elaborations on his call for comic writers to go independent, the more I think Bendis is a fool for "attacking" Kirkman’s relatively sound argument.

    I love Bendis comics, but Kirkman’s analysis of the DC/Marvel comics trajectory for creators contains a lot of truth.

    Bendis needs to refrain from trying to handle questions that relate to Kirkman’s manifesto cuz he comes off a bit foolish.