Kickstarter Spotlight: Jimmy Palmiotti’s QUEEN CRAB Needs Your Clams

This month, you have the opportunity to bring a girl with chelae into this world.

Somewhere in Maryland a very weird dude with an Old Bay Seasoning tattoo just smirked creepily. That's right, Skipper. Lady's got crab claws. 

Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Artiz Eigurem have been picking away at a project called Queen Crab for two years, and they're about $8,000 away from publication. Palmiotti has turned to Kickstarter to raise the final funds for this endeavor, and helping out comes with some terrific incentives for fans and retailers. Donations can land you with signed copies of the book, as well as prints and sketches from both Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. It's a great way to pick up some original artwork and support some of our favorite talents in the industry. Warm and fuzzies, suitable for framing. 

For more on Ginger Drake and the story that takes her from Brooklyn to the depths of the Atlantic, here's Jimmy (NOTE: Artwork in the video contains nudity): 



Support Queen Crab on Kickstarter today. 


  1. The art looks gorgeous

  2. can you donate through Kickstarter if you live outside of the US?

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Possibly. You’ll need to follow the link, go to Help and follow the instructions for International backers. It’s all through Amazon. 

  4. Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    $5 for a digital (PDF) version of the finished novel? yes. please. (kicked)

  5. @mikegraham6  

    Yeah. If you need something shipped, Jimmy says to add a little extra for international shipping.