Kicking Our Collective Asses: The ‘Dark Knight Returns’ Toys

In a sudden and unexpected turn of events, we’re getting our asses kicked — not by a comic or a movie — but by a bunch of action figures.

These Batman: The Dark Knight Returns figures from DC Direct are so cool, so hefty, so well sculpted, that we’re all bowing to them.

Batman, Superman, Robin, The Joker.

Get yours while they last!

Come on, how cool are these? Look at Supes and the sly Joker? So cool.

Josh bought these two at the comic store last week:



  1. It is true. Josh bought Batman and Superman while he was visiting iFanboy East Coast last week and now the whole office is abuzz.

    I’ll be picking up a few this week, and I haven’t bought a toy in years.

  2. I bought Superman today.
    love the curl.

  3. The curl is epic.

  4. He looks like Reagan. I think that’s on purpose.

    So good. I’m totally sold, and I’m going back for Robin and Joker this week.

  5. The question is: if they do a second wave (and they so must), which four characters should they do?

    I say Jim Gordon, Oliver Queen, The Mutant Leader, and Alfred Pennyworth.

    I reread THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS tonight and I figure by my math that Batman should be 48 (it says in the beginning that it was 40 years since his parents died and he was 8 when they were killed), but they give him grey hair and at the end of the book his age is said to be 55. TDKR obviously didn’t take place over the course of seven years, did it?

    I was also going to mention that at no time does he appear in a black and grey costume like the toy, but why nitpick?

    Man, I love this book.

  6. Is this because he had the blue cape? Rather than gray?

    The bat symbol is right on as far as I can tell though. Right?

  7. The symbol is right, but he wore the blue and grey costume in the book.

  8. I just bought the four figure set off of eBay…



    Because they’re such sweet figures.

  9. arghhhh
    must be strong
    once i start there is no stoping
    those hush figures are really cool too
    once i get DKR then i need hush…then i need the ROSS figures. then i need to pick up where i left off on the DC direct figures. you see all the green lanterns they made. i could have the whole green lantern corps. oh g~d

    this is how it starts…

    i like how conor went all in, no half assin’ it. all or nothing…

    so pretty

  10. See, you have to be strong. The fact is, all these toys suck in comparison to the DKR toys.

    Also, the Hush stuff doesn’t compare to the DKR stuff because in ten years, you’ll have a vague recollection of Hush, but you’ll always know DKR. Not the same league.

    And most of the DC Direct toys aren’t as great as you’d hope. You’ll be happy with DKR, but left feeling empty with most of the others.

    The key to good toy buying is recognizing where that line is, where in a few months you’ll regret it or admire it.

  11. I think you’re probably right. I kinda want the whole HUSH line too, but not because of the storyline itself but because they are really good sculpts of the Batpeople.

    Will I regret buying them later on? Maybe. I’m not sure.

    Therein lies the dilemma.

  12. I think the Ross figures will be worth it – the Flash at least – those Kingdom Come figures were sweet…

    as far as Hush goes, I agree – I don’t see the Undead Jason Todd as a neccessity, but Conor buying that Nightwing figure? that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow

  13. Indeed not.

  14. My toys came today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. All mine are in house!

  16. Aren’t they pretty?