‘Justice League’… the new ‘Super Friends’?

Here’s an interesting opinion piece on the state of the Justice League cartoon franchise.

I have to say that I tried to watch the first season of the Justice League cartoon but was turned off for the same reasons listed in the piece. Because of the boring first season, I missed what I’ve heard from various sources was an excellent second season. Maybe I’ll pick up the DVD.

I’ve seen only one episode of Justice League Unlimited, the adaption of Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who Has Everything,” which I thought was very good.

Has anyone watched all the way through the first two seasons and this current third season? Is this guy right?


  1. i’ve only seen the hawk and dove episode but i wanted to go out and buy the back issues of H&D. it was a fun episode and i can’t wait to catch up on the others.

    i saw all the old JL cartoons and the quality was always top notch. i got tired of reruns pretty fast but always definitly worth checking out.

    i had a friend rent the star crossed movie on dvd and he’s hooked now.

    reminds me i need to go and rent that batwoman movie, i still haven’t seen it yet, and i was all juiced for it to come out a few years back.

    it’s no super friends. it definitly has the style and smarts of batman the animated series.

  2. I thought it was interesting that he said he owned no comic books, but had a better understanding of the characters in the DCU than I do.

  3. My problem with JLU is that it airs once on Saturday and reruns once on Sunday and that’s it. I’m usually out when it’s on and I always miss it.

  4. I read that the voice of Hawk & Dove were Fred Savage and Jason Hervey, which is very clever.