Justice for Hire: Free For All Event

On the most recent episode oof iFanboy Talksplode, we chat with the folks behind the Justice For Hire comics and the Justice For Hire Free for All Event.  Justice for Hire is an exciting, independent comic book combining the world of mixed martial arts with action comic books.  We chatted with Justice For Hire creators Jan Lucanus & Jan C. Childress, a father & son writing duo.  Jan Lucanus is director, co-creator & co-writer of Justice For Hire and his father, Jan C. Childress has a long history of working in comics, most notably with Jim Shooter in the 1990s. In addition we chat with Zach Shelton, the  Justice For Hire Lead Animator and Founder of Willow Road Animation and John Martin, a VP at Reallusion, the company behind the animation program Crazy Talk.

You can read Justice for Hire #0 for free at Graphicly

And find out about the Justice For Hire Free for All Event where you can enter your animation and be judged by Neal Adams, Ahmed Best and other celebrity judges! Full details available on the Justice for Hire Facebook page!

Watch the Justice for Hire Motion Comic:

Read Justice for Hire #0 for Free on Graphicly:


  1. That was pretty cool. What I like about it is it’s an indie motion comic that is entertaining and fun to watch, I stray away from Marvel’s motion comic titles, but this one I would follow issue to issue. Nice pacing, time frame, and while the animation/art wasn’t five-star material, for a small motion comic it was good. “YES PRIME-TIME BIG-TIME HA!” lol.