Just for once… let’s wallow: X-Men and the Holodeck

Here’s the question — they have invented the Holodeck. You are going into your Holodeck for the first time and you’re going to “play X-Men.” You’ve loaded all the X-Men comics ever into the memory.

Which character would you be and in what storyline?

I’m only using the X-Men here because this question came from a conversation with Ron and he *hearts* the X-Men.


  1. Ooooh – REALLY good question!

    Argh, and I was about to go home!

    I would say Cyclops in X-Tinction Agenda.

  2. nono. wolverine in austraila when the reaver killed everyone. i’d like to play hide and seak with them.

  3. OOOH good one! Or you could go Wolverine vs. Hellfire Club in the Dark Phoenix Saga.

  4. i think if i was in the dark pheonix saga, forge might be fun to play as.

    very good question.

  5. So many options…

    Okay I gotta go – but I’m gonna think of more during my drive home.

    GREAT question.

  6. wait a minute – Forge wasn’t around during the Dark Phoenix Saga…or do you mean like it would be cool to be Forge during the Dark Phoenix Saga, like put him the storyline?

  7. oh, i ran with i’m any x-man and i can re-visit any old mission in the danger rooms computer…

    so i thought it would be cool to be forge in the dark pheonix saga. i’d rather be madison jefferies, but forge will do since BOX was never an x-man or whiz kid….

    always a fan of those people who can make whatever they want with metal

  8. you know, technically Alpha Flight is in the X-universe, so you can be Madison Jefferies – I wonder if anyone has any idea who/what we’re talking about…

    I still like being Cyclops in the X-Tinction Agenda.

    But it might be fun to be like Iceman in one of the pre-All New, All Different X-Men stories…

  9. Havok, extinction agenda. Because Cyclops is taken.

  10. Dude we’d have to fight each other!

    (BTW – How cool was the X-tinction Agenda? )

  11. OK, so let’s play…

    I’ll go ahead and break the rules here. I like the X-men but I do not see myself as any one of them. I don’t know, I guess I don’t relate to them well.

    So I’ll be Victor Mancha from the Runaways. A smart, geeky, polite guy who’s just trying to deal with life. OK, so he may also speak spanish like me, but that’s not why I chose him. And yes, he’s got powers. He’s Ultron’s kid, however that worked, … no clue. His power is… I don’t know, he’s hands go electricky and things metal get bent. How that’s useful, I don’t know. But that’s my pick!

  12. I only really know the Dark Phoenix saga, and really, I wouldn’t want to have any part of that. Wolverine’s the coolest there, but the whole time, he’s pining for the chick he can’t have.

    He did get to read Penthouse in that one frame. With the western outfit.


  13. I don’t really think the Wolvie/Jean thing had kicked into gear yet in the Dark Phoenix Saga…

    but there was that western outfit.

  14. actually I’m wrong – there was the first Wolvie taking interest in Jean after the Krakoa mission, then a more victorian allusion to it in in the Space Shuttle mission right before Jean became Phoenix – and then it went dormant (cause well, Jean was dead) and then they played it up heavily in the late 80s and into the 90s and today.

  15. I would be Bishop during the Age of Apocalypse.

    I really liked the storyline, and Bishop got to have a mini-world tour. Plus, Bishops powers are a nice comfort zone, as he absorbs powers thrown at him.

  16. Is there an all-porn story arc with Wolverine, Colossus and Gambit?

    I would load that one.

  17. …and it took 16 posts for this convo to turn sexual….

  18. But it’s OK, cuz its a girl what done it.

    At least I think that’s how it works.

  19. Longshot in “X-Men Down Under”

    Basically the world’s luckiest guy, on vacation, in Austrailia, with Dazzler.

    This is by far the most fanboyish thing I’ve ever typed.


  20. /

    Somehow, I’m very pleased that, as a “girl”, I’m allowed to turn any conversation to porn!

    Seriously, I would probably learn Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and watch the Big Blue School Boy get his ass handed to him (in a no porny way).

  21. This will teach me to post discussion topics on Friday evening.

    Nick, that made me laugh.

  22. Nick wins – clever combo of both the fanboy-esque and the Toga-turned naughty interpretation

  23. Woo hoo!

  24. Well done, Nick!